FAW-FINDREAMS: Striving for the Loading Goal of the First Batch of Power Batteries "Made in Jilin"

Updated : 2024-03-18Source : CCFAO
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Since the FAW-FINDREAMS Power Battery Project went into production a month ago, great efforts have been made to ramp up production and race towards the goal of loading the first batch of power batteries "Made in Jilin" onto vehicles.
In the PACK workshop for the Project, workers are shuttling back and forth while engineers are debugging the equipment, reflecting that the ramp-up production of the entire power battery production line is in full swing. Now, the enterprise has over 400 workers and a team of over 200 engineers, who are going all out to increase production capacity and improve processes to achieve the expected production goal. This Project is complementary to a new energy vehicle model of Hongqi. Since its official commencement of production on February 2, 2024, more than 20,000 battery cells for the first product have been manufactured, and it is expected to start supplying customers by the end of this quarter.
The Project is just a microcosm of the major project construction in the Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone. With the arrival of spring, a batch of major projects has been initiated, resumed, and accelerated in construction. The Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee upholds a "project-oriented" principle and leverages existing models to promote innovative services and drive project placement with the "speed of the Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone". In terms of policy support, various approval departments are united to carry out collaborative services, joint reviews, multi-testing integration, joint acceptance, etc., to save project construction time and costs.