Export Volume for the First Quarter Grows by 46.4% Year on Year Changchun's import and export trade continues recovery and grows steadily

Updated : 2023-05-08Source : CCFAO
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The momentum of import and export trade can effectively indicate the economic vitality of a city. The performance record of the foreign trade for the first quarter of 2023 shows that Changchun's total import and export value increased by 4.5% year on year, marking a sound start of the foreign trade. The record shows that the export value achieved a year-on-year growth of 46.4%, 36 percentage points higher than the average of the country.

Achievements are amazing and impressive! In the face of the complicated and volatile international trade situation, how can Changchun manage to ride out the difficulties and stride towards the success?

"This year, Changchun actively organizes the enterprises to participate in the China Cross-Border E-Commerce Trade Fair and builds a platform for us to lead the enterprises to go to the world, which has played a good role in promoting the sales of the products as well as helps the enterprises to expand their horizons and bolsters their confidence. During the exhibition, nearly 20 customers reached cooperation intention with us, which has greatly inspired us," the person in charge of the business of Jilin Jiluyuan Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. said delightedly on April 27.

Changchun strives to develop the business support service for the enterprises to ensure their steady growth and help them to resolve the difficulties, so as to bolster their confidence for development. By focusing on the work on key industries, key markets and key enterprises in foreign trade field and promoting the spring action to assist the enterprises, Changchun has strengthened its effort in one-to-one visit and support, order scheduling and policy advocacy as well as ensuring the unimpeded development channels for the enterprise and market, so as to fully advance the stability and improvement of the foreign trade. Meanwhile, Changchun will continue to deepen the tracking service system for 40 key foreign trade enterprises and improve the work on scheduling for the operation of foreign trade enterprises, so as to progress the work for maintaining existing capacity, promoting increase of capacity and attracting the return of enterprises. "Changchun has carried out policy of real subsidy for the enterprises that participate in exhibitions and travel abroad to promote their products. This has greatly motivated us to take part in the exhibitions and eased our pressure on the promotion in overseas countries and regions. On top of that, the relevant departments of Changchun also share with us the problem solution on overseas trade in a timely manner, such as going to the world by group and jointly building overseas warehouses, etc., which shows that they really stand in the perspective of enterprises to think about the problems." said the person in charge of Jilin Yongli Laser Technology Co., Ltd., who was full of praise for the support given by the relevant departments.

Changchun's vehicles maintain a rising trend of going global. It is reported that in the first quarter of this year, FAW Group exported 15,000 finished automobiles, with the value doubling year on year. Up to now, FAW Group's overseas business has covered 85 countries and regions in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, owning more than 120 overseas distributors and exporting over 400,000 vehicles in total; the export scales of Vitesco Automotive Changchun Co., Ltd., Continental Automotive Changchun Co., Ltd., Kumho Tire Changchun Co., Ltd. and other key enterprises have all achieved year-on-year growth of over 40%. The on-site business handling for foreign trade leading enterprises is an important factor for Changchun to achieve continuous "going global". The relevant departments of Changchun have regularly carried out on-site business handling for import and export companies of FAW and other leading enterprises and actively communicated and exchanged with the Shenyang Railway Bureau. They have solved the problem on export of finished automobiles by additional China-Europe freight trains for the import and export companies of FAW. On February 21, the Shenyang Railway Bureau decided to increase the number of China-Europe (Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe) freight trains that outbound from Manzhouli Port from 8 to 11, with all 3 new trains used for the export of FAW's finished automobiles.

Meanwhile, the number of second-hand cars exported from Changchun continues to rise rapidly, and now 3,480 vehicles have been exported, the number of which is about 3.6 times as much as that for the last year. This year, Changchun fully launched four major projects, namely for smooth channels, policy support, service guarantee and pilot program for expansion. By focusing on the difficulties and issues in the links of export business of the second-hand cars, a Government-Enterprise Dialogue on Smooth Traffic Project for Export of Second-hand Cars is held, launching an all-out effort in addressing the difficult problems in various aspects including export rebates, vehicle registration for transfer and pending export, vehicle detection, vehicle cancellation, export customs clearance, so as to help the enterprises to seize the new opportunities in the international market and fully promote the expansion of export of second-hand cars.

"In this year, our enterprise will work on foreign trade, and ginseng as our special product should be brought out of the country, so that more people can understand Jilin. We also develop TikTok, Taobao and other e-commerce platforms to diversify consumers' purchasing channels," Wang Ming, General Manager of Jilin Rong'ang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. said with confidence. It is reported that the Company is an enterprise that includes R&D, production and sales, and it mainly runs ginseng raw materials, red ginseng slice and other products, which are exported and sold to Europe, America and the Middle East countries and regions.

These are just an epitome for Changchun's foreign trade enterprises that strive to revive, to improve the competitiveness of the brand products, and to seek new development ideas. Relying on international trade exchange and cooperation platforms, the enterprise has made full use of key exhibition platforms such as Canton Fair, China International Import Expo and China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF) to continuously seize trade cooperation opportunities. "At this Canton Fair, we had 11 orders that have reached a deal and several dozens of intended orders. In the future, we will advance the construction of overseas warehouses in the United States, Mexico and Brazil to continuously improve the quality of our services, so that the customers can have a better experience. At the same time, we will also run the maintenance service in Southeast Asia to continuously strengthen the connection with the customers." said a person in charge of Jilin Yongli Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

In the next step, Changchun will carry out one-to-one personalized service oriented to the key foreign trade enterprises in Changchun through "one enterprise and one policy" and work to ensure that the leading enterprises, such as FAW-Volkswagen and import and export companies of FAW can smoothly implement the business of import and export orders, so as to promote the small- and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to improve the capability to develop the international market and cope with the trade risks. By developing services, improving weak links, strengthening the foundation and consolidating the policy, Changchun will strive to stabilize the foundation of the foreign trade.