15 Key Projects in Lvyuan District Contracted Collectively, with Total Investment of RMB 12 Billion

Updated : 2023-02-22Source : CCFAO
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On February 17, Lvyuan District held the "2023 Changchun Lvyuan District Key Projects Contracting and Investment Attraction Launching Ceremony. On the site, 15 regional key projects such as "two vehicles" supporting, modern service industry, photovoltaic technology, and medical devices with a total investment of about RMB 12 billion were signed.

In recent years, the Lvyuan District has been pressing ahead to promote the transformation and upgrading, enhance the industrial hard strength and upgrade the city's competitiveness. The Lvyuan Economic Development Zone and the Haoyue Industrial Park, as the "main battlefield" for industrial development, have been working to promote the industrial upgrading by "exchanging cages for birds" and advancing the development by "building nests to attract phoenixes". By transformation from investment attraction to investment selection, the District strives for the landing of quality businesses and projects with competence, potential and driving force

The beginning matters and decides the whole process. This year, Lvyuan District plans to arrange 65 projects, negotiate 150 projects and sign 35 projects. Also, it plans to carry out 10 investment promotion activities held by the district-level main leaders, 30 activities by the deputy district-level leaders, and 60 activities by the work units. Combined with the regional industrial advantages, the District strives to introduce more key projects in rail passenger cars, automobile supporting, modern agriculture, modern service industry, headquarters economy, finance and insurance and other fields, so as to stabilize the growth, advance the development and bolster the confidence through investment attraction and project landing.