The 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-Germany Diplomatic Relations - Changchun-Wolfsburg Sister City Cooperation

Updated : 2022-09-13Source : CCFAO
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Wolfsburg (or the wolf castle) is located in the southeastern part of Lower Saxony of Germany. Built with the construction of the Volkswagen factories, the city shares weal and woe and seeks joint advance with the auto giant. The friendly exchanges between Changchun and Wolfsburg started also from the cooperation between FAW Group and Volkswagen Group. Since they officially established a sister city relationship on June 12, 2006, the two cities have frequently exchanged visits and long focused on cooperation in the automotive field.

Young and deep partnership

Start with Volkswagen: Dr. Hahn, then president of the German Volkswagen Group, paid a maiden visit to the Chinese FAW Group in 1987, marking the start of the bilateral cooperation. Afterward, FAW and Volkswagen signed a long-term cooperation memorandum to carry out the feasibility study of the automobile joint venture project. Through rounds of business negotiations, the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture project was officially signed on November 20, 1990.

Establish friendship: In July 2010, Schneller, mayor and speaker of Wolfsburg, led a delegation to visit Changchun and planted a tree that represents the friendship between the two cities together with Zhu Yejing, director of the Standing Committee of the Changchun Municipal People's Congress.

Write a new chapter: In 2020 and 2021, Changchun held the 4th and 5th Germany-China Automobile Conferences in a row. The FAW-Volkswagen partnership that has been sustained for more than 30 years sets a model of Sino-German cooperation in the automotive field. In the face of new challenges in the new era, the two parties will jointly explore new trends and new opportunities, and focus on in-depth cooperation in new energy vehicles.

Sister City Cooperation Constantly Enriched

A decade-long friendship: In April 2016, Changchun held a series of activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the bilateral relationship. Morse, then mayor of Wolfsburg, led a delegation to attend the event. Changchun held the "German Week" serial activities.

Colorful culture: Over the years, the exchanges and cooperation between the two cities have covered culture, sports, tourism and other humanistic fields, constantly adding new chapters to the exchanges between the two cities. In May 2018, Wu Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Changchun, led a delegation to attend the first International Youth Conference in Wolfsburg. This marks the first time that Changchun has dispatched a youth delegation to attend an international exchange event.

We hope the friendship between Changchun and Wolfsburg continues growing in the future, and look forward to more splendid stories in the second decade of the two cities' friendship!