Successful Operation of "CRRC Changchun Constructed" Light Rail in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Updated : 2022-07-18Source : CCFAO
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On July 17, the reporter learned from CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC Changchun) that the Mecca Light Rail developed by the company recently debuted in Mecca and completed the seven-day uninterrupted operation successfully.
This year, CRRC Changchun sent an operating guarantee group, including the guard team on the platform, the support team for crew addition and the maintenance team in the depot at the invitation of the operating guarantee team of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In the seven days, 2,228 trains
departed from Mecca, and 56 trains were overhauled by the operating guarantee group, with a total operating mileage of 56,582 kilometers and a total passenger capacity of 1.296 million. During operation, no accidents such as passenger clearance for rescue occurred.

To ensure the successful completion of the operation task, the operating guarantee group (overhaul group) of CRRC Changchun has established the basic brake unit maintenance production line and bogie disassembly production line after 5 months of preliminary preparation, and completed the overhaul of dozens of important components in advance. In addition, the group organized and planned a detailed operating guarantee scheme, which covered the details of production line layout, material transportation, component maintenance, vehicle servicing, platform guard and crew addition, which was fully verified during the four rounds of simulated operation from June 10 to July 4.

China Railway Construction Corporation (International) Limited sent a letter of thanks to CRRC Changchun for its superb expertise and excellent team spirit, and expressed its expectations to create a new chapter in the development of the Belt and Road with joint efforts.