Evaluation “Changchun Friendship Award”2020 Started

Updated : 2021-03-25Source : CCFAO
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The evaluation of Changchun Friendship Award 2020 was started. The effort is meant to commend the foreign experts and international friends who have made outstanding contributions to the construction and promotion of the modern metropolitan area and high-quality development of Changchun City, promote the cooperation and exchanges with foreign countries and expand the influence of Changchun City at home and abroad. 

The application ends on April 16, which is open to the foreign nationals in Changchun City who are working in line with agreements signed between governments or international organizations or economic and trade contracts with foreign countries; the foreign nationals working for enterprises and public institutions; the foreign nationals who get employed (are invited) to work in such fields as teaching, consulting, service, training, cooperation and research; and those who are serving the city in other fields.