Jingyuetan Forest Marathon

Updated : 2019-03-20Source : CCFAO
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In 2008, the Swedish Lidingoloppet Running Festival, which had a history of more than 50 years, settled in Jingyuetan, Changchun, China. Later it was called Vasa Cross Country Running Festival. In June 2015, in view of further development, it was renamed the Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon. It was the first forest marathon with cross-country course in China and certified by the Chinese Athletic Association as a B-class event.

Why did Lidingoloppet choose Changchun?

Changchun's tourism resources in summer are recognized by the SwedishLidingoloppet with its pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes. In June, you can enjoy the cool weather in Changchun in the hot summer.

Many people may not know that Changchun is the first city in China to hold a summer festival with the theme of summer vacation and the first city to build a summer tourism industry policy. Also, it's the first city in the Northeast China to win the award of China's Best Summer Tourism City.

The course of Jingyuetan Forest Marathon involves 13km hill slopes, 13km forest sand ways, and 16km roads around the lake. The total elevation gain is about 750 meters. Participants will run along the hill, lake, grassland and boardwalk with cool weather and rich oxygen.

The attraction of Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon

The average temperature in Changchun in June is 14 to 26 centigrade. In the forest, the weather is much cooler. Most marathons will avoid the hot summer, while in June, it's comfortable to run in Jingyuetan and enjoy the cool weather in Changchun.

Besides the cool weather, as the largest man-made forest in Asia, Jingyuetan has abundant animal and plant resources. It's a living specimen library and unique complete forest ecosystem. If you like to explore the nature, Jingyuetan is a treasure trove that you can not miss.

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More info please visit the event website: vasarun.com .