Trip to Experience Traditional Chinese Culture Held in Changchun City

Updated : 2019-03-11Source : CCFAO
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To create an environment which is favorable, prioritized and easy for investors and make the foreign nationals in Changchun City feel cozy, comfortable and friendly, the Trip to Experience the Traditional Chinese Culture was held at the Folk Arts and Crafts Museum of Jilin Province Sunday afternoon on March 10, 2019. Some 160 foreign friends including experts from FAW-VW joint the trip during which all participants appreciated the beautiful sceneries of Jingyue Lake, tasted Chinese delicacies and experienced traditional Chinese culture.

The event was sponsored by Changchun Municipal People’s Government, organized by the Changchun Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication, and Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO), and co-organized by the i-Future Original Art Platform.

This activity was said to have focused on making the participants feel in practice the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Within three hours, such traditional artistic performances as Beijing Opera, Folk Music, String Music and other intangible traditional Chinese cultural heritages including paper cutting, knot making, embroidery, dough sculpture, sugar painting, printmaking, and straw weaving were showcased to the participants who also enjoyed featured Chinese delicacies in dumplings tasting and other activities.

Also on the site, all foreign friends especially their kids learned to make ingenious gifts and interacted with famous handicraft inheritors invited to the event in such activities as paper cutting, knot making and printmaking, which in turn provided the participants a chance to know more about the traditional Chinese culture and folk customs, and thus enhanced the mutual understanding and friendship among the local citizens and the foreign nationals living or working in the city.

This event is also a new effort made by the government in bringing into full play local advantages, opening up to the world and renovating concepts to get traditional culture and modern foreign affairs combined organically and create a brand new business-friendly environment. With the joint efforts by the local citizens and the foreign nationals, Changchun City is expected to become much better in the future.