Changchun Economic and Trade Delegation Visits Copenhagen

Updated : 2018-12-21Source : CCFAO
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The delegation left friendship city Hjorring for Copenhagen, Capital of Denmark, at noon on December 18, 2018. Shortly after their arrival in Copenhagen, the delegation visited the headquarters of Krupp Company in Denmark. The Chinese flag was raised outside the headquarters gate to welcome the delegation.

Director General Qian Wancheng held in-depth talks with the chairman of Hjorring Water Affairs Group, and the manager of Krupp Denmark on the cooperation in the field of livable city construction and water resource management in Changchun City. Director General Qian expressed his gratitude to Krupp Denmark for its contribution to environmental protection and soil erosion control for all mankind. He also thanked Krupp Denmark for bringing advanced technology and experience to Changchun City. Director General Qian expressed his hope for the two sides to deepen cooperation and thus become a model project in China.

The representative of Krupp introduced its main business and the progress of cooperation with Changchun Water Affairs Group, adding that the partnership would be taken as an opportunity to build a model of cooperation between Denmark and China. The general manager of Krupp sincerely invited Changchun City to participate and shared successful cooperation experience in the 2020 World Water Resources Conference.

Krupp is the only large group in the world taking environmental services as its main business. From Veolia Water to Connex, from Onyx to Dalkia, Krupp is able to provide government agencies, local authorities, industrial enterprises and cities comprehensive and efficient solutions, and services. On July 19, 2018, Fortune unveiled the ranking of Global 500 on which Krupp ranked the 419th.