Open up to Reach out to the World—Changchun Daily Interviews Deputy Director General Duan Huaxu of CCFAO

Updated : 2018-12-19Source : CCFAO
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The past 40 years of reform and opening up have witnessed the most active foreign affairs of Changchun City. Since 1980 when the first international friendship city relationship was established with Sendai, Japan, Changchun has now established friendly cooperative relations with 70 cities in 36 countries. Changchun‘s “circle of friends” is growing and Changchun cooperative partners all over the world.

In 1988, the agreement on FAW-VW annual production of 150,000 cars was signed, a prelude to the scale-benefit joint-venture car industry in China. Also in 1988, the China-Japan Friendship Water Plant, the first of its kind in China, was completed in Changchun. In 2000, the Changchun World Sculpture Park, a thematic park integrating contemporary art of sculptures of the world, was opened. In 2003, the internationally renowned Vasaloppet Skiing Festival got officially settled in Changchun Jingyue Lake National Scenic Area, and joined Worldloppet, the world’s largest and highest-ranking long-distance cross-country skiing organization, in 2014, making the beautiful business card of Jingyue Lake popularized on an international scale. In 2007, the 6th Asian Winter Olympics, a reunion for the first time for the 45 members of Olympic Council of Asia, was held in Changchun.

In 2015, the Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Rail Line went operational, covering Northeast China’s three provinces, the Bohai Rim, North China, and East China as well as Japan, ROK, DPRK and Mongolia in Northeast Asia and such countries as Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Spain and Germany in Europe. On August 18, 2018, Changchun made a good start in “Global Promotion of Jilin Province in 2018–Journey for Foreign Envoys to Changchun, First Stop in Jilin Province”…. The “Diplomacy of Changchun City” is so much beautiful!

The process of internationalization of Changchun City has constantly facilitated the pace of building up a central city in the region of Northeast Asia. Changchun will take more active measures to integrate into the global economic development pattern and continuously improve the level of the export-oriented economy.