Director General Qian Wancheng of the Standing Committee of Changchun Municipal People's Congress Visits Hjoerring

Updated : 2018-12-19Source : CCFAO
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The economic and trade delegation led by Qian Wancheng, Director General of the Standing Committee of Changchun Municipal People's Congress visited Hjoerring, Denmark, on December 17, 2018.

During the visit, Director General Qian Wancheng met with the mayor of Hjoerring, saying, “With the deepening of exchanges between the two sides, Changchun and Hjoerring have achieved gratifying results in such aspects as economy and culture. For the next step, efforts will be put into further deepening the friendship between Changchun and Hjoerring and form a new normal for the vigorous development of bilateral cooperation in economy, trade, culture, sport, education, and other fields. May our friendship blossom and yield fruits, and on behalf of the 8 million local citizens, I sincerely invite your government, enterprises and the people from all walks of life of your city to visit and invest in Changchun City.”

During their stay there, the delegation also visited the Chamber of Commerce of Hjoerring. Director General Qian Wancheng introduced Changchun to all business representatives and carried out investment attraction activities which were joined by more than 30 entrepreneurs with a great interest in Changchun City. After the meeting, Director General Qian Wancheng unveiled the representative office of Changchun City in Hjoerring, which marked that the formal establishment of such office of Changchun City in Northern Europe, thereby laying a solid foundation for further deepening the cooperation between Changchun and its counterparts in Northern European countries. The Danish National Television Channel 2 broadcasted the news of the delegation’s visit to Hjoerring Monday local time Monday evening on December 17. Qi Guohua, Director General of Changchun Foreign (Overseas Chinese Affairs) Office (CCFAO) received an interview by the Northern Danish Times after the meeting and introduced the purpose, prospect, and significance of establishing a representative office in Hjoerring.