Windsor, Canada

 August 25, 1992
Changchun and Windsor Established Sister City Relationship

[City Profile]
Windsor is located on the river bank of the southwest corner of Ontario, Canada, with Detroit, the famous American automobile city, on the other side of the river. Windsor is the 11th largest city in Canada with an area of 146 square kilometers and a population of 210,000 (2016). Its official language is English and French. The history of the city began in the 17th century. It was established as a town in 1858 and officially established as a city in 1892. The city has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Thanks to the five major freshwater lakes, it is very suitable for living with warm winters and cool summers.
The city is located in the strategic spot of North America with well developed transportation. It is an important hub for Canadian roads, railways, air and water transport. Because of its strategic location, free trade, and proximity to the United States, the city has become the largest trading hub in North America. Automobile trade is its main industry in the city, accounting for two-fifths of the total trade between Canada and the United States.

[Resources and Industries]
Windsor is one of the largest industrial cities in the key area of North America and the third largest manufacturing center in Canada. Its main industries include automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramics and food processing, with a full range of products. Among them, automotive, mold manufacturing and steel production are particularly famous, with shock absorber technology leading the world. The export rate of industrial products is over 85%. Three automotive giants Ford, GM and Chrysler have their respective branches in the region.
Changchun and Windsor started their contact in 1990. Because they are both automobile cities, the two cities have a lot in common and considerable complementarities in economy. Based on substantive exchanges, the two cities signed an agreement on the establishment of a sister city relationship on August 25, 1992. Since then, the two sides have kept a very frequent exchange. At present, Windsor has become a stable partner of exchange and cooperation of Changchun in Canada.