Warrnambool, Australia

November 16, 2013
Changchun and Warrnambool Established Sister City Relationship 

[City Profile]
Warrnambool is located on the southern coast of Victoria, Australia, northwest of the Bass Strait, sitting at the western end of the world-famous Great Ocean Road, 263 kilometers from Melbourne. It covers about 400 square kilometers (the urban area is about 123 square kilometers) and the population is about 35,000 (2016). The city has a beautiful scenery and mature education, culture, sports and tourism. It is a city with the fastest population growth and the strongest economic development in Victoria. Its urban infrastructure construction is developing rapidly, and the city has the most advanced hospitals on the southern coast of Victoria. At the beginning of May each year, the famous Warrnambool May Racing Carnival will be held at the local racecourse.

[Resources and Industries]
Tourism, dairy and animal husbandry are the three pillars of Warrnambool's economy.
The city possesses unique tourism resources. The world-famous tourist attraction “Great Ocean Road” is only 40 minutes drive from the city, attracting at least 800,000 tourists every year. In addition to whale watching, tide watching, sea products collection and fishing, visitors can also have close interact with rare animals like koalas and wild kangaroos in the rainforest and woods.
The city is Australia's source of high quality milk, with fresh milk production accounting for a quarter of the country, exporting nearly AUD 6 billion in dairy products annually to other parts of Oceania. Well-known dairy companies like Fonterra and Devondale have set up their factories here.
There are 430,000 dairy cows in the region, accounting for 35% of Victoria, and 680,000 beef cattle, accounting for 28% of Victoria.