Wolfsburg, Germany

June 12, 2006
Changchun and Wolfsburg Established Sister City Relationship 
[City Profile]
Wolfsburg is located in the southeast of Lower Saxony, Germany, with an area of 204.02 square kilometers and a population of 124,045 (2015). It is a new city built on the flat with orderly planning and reasonable design. There is large forest coverage and complete living and entertainment facilities in the city. The Volkswagen Plant is built on the north of the Mid-German Canal, while the main urban area is on the south of the canal with orderly and beautiful environment. The city’s education, culture and sports are well developed. Its planetarium, art museum and Italian cultural institute are all well known in Germany. VFL Wolfsburg Football Club is a Grade A team in German Football League. In 2000, Volkswagen built an open "Automotive City" theme park in the city, making it the most fascinating spot of the city.

[Resources and Industries]
The city is home to Volkswagen. It was born based on the factory and is closely related to Volkswagen. Volkswagen's employees and their families account for about half of the city's population, so the city is known as the Volkswagen City. The city has now become a key industrial town in northern Germany and the largest automotive manufacturing centre in Europe.