Zilina, Slovakia

November 23, 1992
Changchun and Zilina Established Sister City Relationship

 [City Profile]
Zilina is located in the northwest of Slovakia. It is the administrative center of Zilina Autonomous Region and the fourth largest city in Slovakia. It is 200 kilometers away from the capital Bratislava and close to the Czech-Poland border. It has an area of 80.03 square kilometers and a population of about 85,000 (2010).

[Resources and Industries]
Zilina is the industry, commerce and large retail center in northwestern Slovakia. Kia Motors from South Korea has established a car factory with a direct investment of more than USD 1.5 billion. The largest construction and transportation engineering company in Slovakia is located in the city. Siemens has its engineering center here.
100-year-old factories such as Slovina Textile Factory , Powatsk Chemical Plant, Tengto Paper Mill , and the Drevo Instria Wood Products Factory are representatives of the city’s traditional industries and are still playing an important role the local economy.