Montreuil, France

May 6, 2008
Changchun and Montreuil Established Sister City Relationship

 [City Profile]
Located in the Paris region of France, Montreuil is a city in the province of Seine-Saint-Denis, 1.6 kilometers from Paris. It has an area of 8.92 square kilometers and a population of 103.52 million (2012). The city has a history of more than 200 years in industrial development and it is the cradle of European small and medium-sized enterprises. Currently, there are 2,900 companies in the city. The cooperation between enterprises and the government is very close and the results are remarkable. The French National Federation of Trade Unions is located in the city. The city’s employment rate is the highest among all cities in the Paris region. There is a complete public facility system in the city including a perfect public transportation system. The citizens live a rich and colorful life.

 [Resources and Industries]
Montreuil is dominated by industry. It mainly produces textiles, leather, porcelain, chemical preparations for leather processing, computer image processing equipment, television transmission equipment, automobile molds, printed materials, furniture, food, etc.
The city has a number of vocational training institutions, which cover various industries such as electricity, architecture, biology, business and catering.