1. In 1996, a delegation from Montreuil Council participated in the Third Changchun Film Festival.

2. In 1998, Changchun Friendship Economy Delegation visited Montreuil and negotiated projects such as television transmission equipment, automobile mold manufacturing, bolt manufacturing, and industrial products exhibitions in the two cities;

3. In 2001, Changchun Friendship Economy and Trade Delegation visited Montreuil and exchanged views on economic and trade cooperation, cultural exchanges, and exchange of students.

4. In 2003, an industry delegation of Montreuil participated in the Changchun Automobile Expo;

5. In 2004, Montreuil Friendship Delegation participated in the Changchun Education Exhibition;

6. In 2005, a delegation of Montreuil municipal government visited Changchun and signed the 2005-2008 Cooperation Agreement between the two cities;

7. In 2006, Mayor Zhu Yejing led a delegation visit to Montreuil. Also in 2006, artists from Changchun participated in the Modern Art Week in Montreuil. Artists of Montreuil also participated in the annual International Sculpture Exhibition held in Changchun in the same year.

8. In September 2006, the two sides exchanged sculpture works. Changchun presented Montreuil with a sculpture “Qi” created by Mr. Wang Keqing. Through the city of Montreuil, Changchun introduced Rodin’s sculpture works including Thinker, Balzac and The Bronze Age.

9. In 2007, a delegation headed by Mayor Cui Jie made a visit to Montreuil;

10. In 2007, Montreuil in France invited Changchun enterprises and local Montreuil enterprises to participate in the 2007 Commodity Exchange Exhibition in Algiers. Changchun invited Montreuil to participate in the Northeast Asia Expo held in Changchun.

11. In 2008, a delegation headed by Mayor Jiang Zhiying paid a friendship visit to Montreuil.

12. In 2008, at the request of the government of Montreuil, Changchun sent two Chinese teachers to Montreuil to teach Chinese, and it achieved very satisfactory results.