In August 1993, Changchun established an official relationship with Masterton.

In October 1993, Masterton Mayor Francis led a delegation to visit Changchun to discuss issues such as wool processing, school education exchanges, and official cooperation between the two cities.

In June 1994, (1) Changchun sent a delegation from the city wool mill to visit Masterton, and the two cities reached an agreement on wool processing cooperation. (2) In the same year, Masterton signed an agreement with Changchun Academy of Agricultural Science on joint development of sweet corn and introduction of closed flexible packaging technology. (3) Changchun Foreign Languages School established an inter-school cooperation with Barbara Polytechnic College. Since February 1995, Changchun sends four students to study at Barbara Polytechnic College each year. The two schools also signed an agreement on sending language teachers to each other and a student exchange program.

In April 1995, Changchun Municipal CPC Committee Secretary Wang Yunkun led a delegation to visit Masterton and signed a letter of intent with Masterton Mayor Francis to establish a sister city relationship.

In October 2003, Du Xuefang, secretary of Changchun Municipal CPC Committee, led a delegation to visit Masterton to negotiate on education cooperation.

In March 2004, in response to the invitation from Masterton, Cui Jie, deputy mayor of Changchun, attended "New Zealand International Sister Cities Conference 2004" held in Christchurch, New Zealand. During the meeting, under the arrangement of Masterton, he paid a visit to New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.

In May 2008, Li Fasuo, deputy director of Changchun Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, led a delegation to visit Masterton.

In September 2008, Gary Daniel, mayor of Masterton, led a delegation to visit Changchun, and attended the 4th China · Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo and Changchun International Sculpture Conference.

In August 2011, Masterton Mayor Gary Daniel led a delegation to visit Changchun. During the visit, he attended the opening ceremony of the No. 66 “Masterton Bus” in Changchun.

In September 2012, at the China International Sister Cities Conference held in Chengdu, Masterton won the “China Sister Cities Exchange and Cooperation Award”.

In January 2015, Chen Si, deputy mayor of Changchun, led a delegation to visit Masterton.

In May 2016, Ms. Lynn Patterson, Mayor of Masterton, led a delegation to visit Changchun.