Tijuana, Mexico

April 1, 2009
Changchun and Tijuana Established Sister City Relationship

 [City Profile]
Tijuana is a free city in the northwestern border of Mexico. It is part of Mexico's Baja California and is the fourth largest city and one of the wealthiest cities in Mexico with an area of 637 square kilometers and a population of 1.8 million (2015). The city is close to the Pacific Ocean, with convenient water, land and air transportation. It is 19 kilometers away from San Diego, USA. It is mild in winter, cool in summer, and dry with a small amount of rainfall and an average annual temperature of 21 °C. It enjoys a basically stable political status with diversified economy and high employment rate, and because it is close to the United States, it has attracted many mainlanders from Mexico. And thus the population here grows rapidly.

[Resources and Industries]
Tijuana's industry is dominated by outsourcing manufacturing, with the number of factories ranking top in cities across the country. Currently there are 34 industrial parks and more than 600 manufacturers. It mainly produces and exports electronic products, metal machinery, plastic products, wood products, chemical products, ceramic ware, paper, food, and beverage.
Commerce and tourism are developing rapidly in this area. At present, there are 15,000 stores of different sizes and it is a business center in the northern border of Mexico. It is close to the United States, so its beautiful coastal scenery and comprehensive service facilities attract a large number of American tourists to the city for sightseeing and shopping. Tourism output accounts for 10% of the state's GDP.
The city is rich in mineral resources which are under developed.
In October 2009, Lu Guo (卢国), chief representative of Mexico's Baja California office in Shanghai, visited Changchun and held a negotiation meeting with ZTE on the company's investment for setting up a factory in Tijuana.