Commerce and Trade Exchanges

In November 2009, Changchun held Changchun Economy and Tourism Projects Promotion Conference in Prachin Buri, Thailand. At the promotion conference, representatives of Changchun introduced the key enterprises of Changchun, agricultural products processing industry, ice and snow tourism, and large-scale exhibitions to officials from Prachin Buri government.

In November 2010, Changchun Economy and Trade Delegation held a counterpart meeting with local entrepreneurs in the Prachin Buri. The two sides focused on the exchanges on the cooperation of production and sales of fruits and other agricultural products, and expressed their intention to cooperate in the development and utilization of tourism resources.

From August 17th to 21st, 2011, a 10-member Thai delegation headed by Mr. Coast Suvinighit, vice president of Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association, visited Changchun. Five people of the delegation were members of Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association, and the other five were officials of Prachin Buri government. The delegation paid a visit to the city leaders, visited the 10th China Changchun International Agriculture and Food Fair (CCIAFF) Expo, negotiated with the city's supply and marketing cooperatives to establish a Thai fruit sales center, and talked to the Municipal Tourism Administration on tourism exchanges and cooperation.

From October 18 to 21, 2011, Prachin Buri economy and trade delegation from Thai visited Changchun. The main purposes of the visit included discussion with the Jingyue Development Zone on the development and construction of tourist resorts; negotiation with the city's supply and marketing cooperatives to establish a Thai fruit supply and marketing center; negotiation with the Municipal Tourism Bureau for tourism exchanges and cooperation; and negotiation with Lanmeng Group on beauty spa and health care cooperation in China and Thailand.

From April 27 to 30, 2013, Mr. Yang Yuchun, Chief Executive Officer of All Thai International Co. Ltd came to Changchun for a three-day visit. He mainly investigated the outbound tourism market, hotel, catering, health care, culture and beauty care companies in Changchun with a goal to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and Thailand in economy and trade, and to expand business opportunities.

In June and October 2013, we contacted Mr. Zhuo, General Manager of Jilin Provincial Haizhida Entry/Exit Service Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yang Yuchun from All Thai International Co. Ltd. in Thailand to discuss the four Thai boutique routes proposed by the Thai side. The three parties planned to cooperate with each other to promote the tourism and health care projects between Changchun and Thailand.

In May 2014, we respectively contacted Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association and Prachin Buri in Thailand to establish a communication and cooperation platform between Chacha Food Group in China and Makro in Thailand, as well as the entrepreneurs of Changchun and Lactasoy, a soybean milk company in Thailand.

Culture and Sports Exchanges

In June 2008, Changchun and Prachin Buri held a large-scale folk art exhibition which brought together nearly a thousand pieces of distinctive Thai handicrafts from Prachin Buri, including wood carvings, vine weaving and tin products.

In June 2009, Prachin Buri selected 10 works to participate in the International Children's Art Exhibition in Changchun.

In October 2010, Prachin Buri sent representatives to participate in the Invitational Exhibition of Changchun International Sculpture Works.

From September 13 to 15, 2013, two athletes sent from Prachin Buri, Thailand, including Noawarat Chuntamin, participated in the Changchun International Sister Cities Half Marathon Invitational Tournament. Noawarat Chuntamin achieved a good result in the 5th place.