Chaoyang Park

Updated : 2019-01-28Source : CCFAO
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Located on the western side of the middle of Xinmin Street in Chaoyang District, it covers an area of 570,000 square meters, with a man-made lake totaling 70,000 square meters nicknamed South Lake the Second due to its being adjacent to the largest lake of Changchun----South Lake.  


It was built in 1934 under the design and construction in the puppet Manchuria period. It was first called “Shuntian Park” due to its being adjacent to the then Shuntian Street (now Xinmin Street). In Kuomintang’s administration period, it was renamed “Minquan Park” as the name of the street (Shuntian Street) was changed to Minquan Street. After 1949, it was called “Xinmin Park”, and then renamed “Chaoyang Park”. In 1980, it was reconstructed and reopened to the public.  


The park is unique in natural terrain, low in the east and high in the west. It is not that big, but it is a really beautiful place, trees and grasses luxuriant, and giggling streams echoing one another. Overlapped rockeries and arch bridges, tranquil and elegant, offer you a special feeling of immersion in the graceful charm of the south. 


Another feature of the park is that the landscape of it decorates that of the street and the landscape of the street backs up that of the park. Standing inside the park and facing east, you will see the colorful roofs of the Eight Ministries and the sceneries of the park each representing a beautiful ornament to the other under the white clouds and the blue sky.


The Jilin TV Tower stands in the south of the park. Climbing to the highest TV tower in Jilin Province, you will have a panoramic view of the beautiful sceneries of the park and other cultural and historical sites like the Culture Square and the Eight Ministries.  


Telephone:   0431-85644880


Address:     7, Xinmin Street, Chaoyang District