Xinghuacun Park

Updated : 2019-01-28Source : CCFAO
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In late 19th century, the Xinghuacun (literally, Almond Flower) Park was just a natural village named Almond Flower in the suburban area of Changchun. At that time, there was a stream running through the village. Magistrate Wang Changzhi bought the village and rebuilt it when he took the office in 1901. In 1903, Wang’s aides, who wanted to eulogize his virtues and achievements, composed the Ode to Almond Flower Village and had a stone tablet of the ode carved and erected at the place where today’s No. 1, Minzhu Street is located. In 1934, the Emperor Puyi of the puppet Manchuria state was seated. And the first thing he did on the day was to attend a ceremony paying tribute to heaven held at Almond Flower Village. After Changchun was liberated, the stone tablet of the village was relocated several times as the city was expanded in scale, and was relocated to Xnghuacun Park in 1992.    


Address:  North of the Gymnasium of Changchun City, Renmin Street, Chaoyang District