Little Rock City, USA

June 2, 1994
Changchun and Little Rock Established Sister City Relationship

[City Profile]
Little Rock is located in the south-central United States, on the west bank of the Mississippi River. It is capital and the largest city of Arkansas and the seat of Pulaski County. It has an area of 7,770 square kilometers and a population of 200,000 (2017). The city is home to former US President Bill Clinton, an important political, economic, cultural, and transportation center in central United States, and a city with the second fastest growing economy in the United States. A steadily increasing economy provides the city with a good opportunity for development.

[Resources and Industries]
Little Rock is an important grain producing area in the United States with fertile land and well developed agriculture.
It is a major industrial town in central United States, with more than 500 companies from large to small sizes and more than 30 large factories, many of which are world-renowned. Its food, furniture and chemical industries are advanced, and its production of electronic equipment and vehicles is also well known.
It is a transportation hub in central United States, and its transportation facilities, construction and governance are excellent.
It is the education center in central United States, with five universities including the prestigious University of Arkansas, Little Rock and Arkansas State University.