Upon the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, the exchanges between Changchun and Ulsan Metropolitan City (called “Ulsan City” back then) were at the forefront of the country. On March 15, 1994, the two cities formally established a sister city relationship. Upon the relationship establishment, the two cities have held frequent exchanges and visits. All mayors of the two cities have visited each other's cities. Both sides actively support and participate in international and domestic events hosted by the other city. At the 10th anniversary of the two cities’ sister city relation establishment, the two sides carried out a celebration of the local street named after the other city. Changchun launched its "Ulsan Road" and "Ulsan Bus”, while Ulsan launched its "Changchun Road". At the 20th anniversary, deputy mayor of Changchun and representatives of the mayor of Ulsan also led their respective delegations to visit each other.

In October 1992, Mayor Mi Fengjun visited Ulsan and signed a sister city exchange agreement.
In August 1994, Mayor Kim Chang-Soo of Ulsan visited Changchun, participated in Ulsan Friendship Delegation, attended the second Changchun Film Festival, and signed a sister city exchange agreement.
In August 1995, an art delegation from Ulsan visited Changchun. In October, Meng Dexi, deputy secretary general of Changchun Municipal Government, led a delegation to visit Ulsan, and held an investment briefing session on Changchun Economy and Technology Development Zone.
In January 1996, the South Korean Ethnic Education Delegation of Changchun visited Ulsan. In June, Yang Jixiao, deputy mayor of Changchun, attended the East Asia International Symposium held in Ulsan. In August, An Doo Hwan deputy mayor of Ulsan, participated in the third Changchun Film Festival. Changchun Youth Federation established a friendly relationship with Ulsan Youth Conference. Changchun Daily and Ulsan Daily News Agency established a friendly relation. In September, Changchun Fine Art Association established a friendly relationship with Ulsan Fine Arts Association and held the first China-South Korea Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition.
In August 1997, the second China-South Korea Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition was held in Changchun.
In August 1998, Sim Wan Goo, mayor of Ulsan, participated in the fourth Changchun Film Festival. In September, the third China-South Korea Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition was held in Ulsan.
In July 1999, Changchun Nurses Association established a friendly relationship with Ulsan Nurses Association. Changchun Youth Center and Ulsan Credit Union signed an agreement on the exchange of choirs. In October, Mi Fengjun, secretary of Changchun Municipal CPC Committee, went to Ulsan to attend its Cultural Festival.
In January 2000, the two cities exchanged civil servants for training. In March, Changchun Sculpture Delegation visited Ulsan. In June, Changchun Mayor Li Shu visited Ulsan. Changchun Jingyuetan Tourism Development Zone held an investment briefing in Ulsan. In July, an Ulsan sculptor Jeong Gi Hong attended Changchun Sculpture Exhibition. In August, Changchun No. 6 Vocational School established a friendly relationship with Ulsan Polytechnic University; Changchun TV Station and Ulsan TV Station established a friendly relation. In September, Jo Gi An, deputy mayor of Ulsan, attended the 5th Changchun Film Festival. Ulsan held the 5th China-South Korea Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition. In October, Changchun TV station visited Ulsan TV Station. In December, Changchun Municipal Education Bureau signed an agreement with Ulsan Education Department to establish a friendly relationship. The TV program produced by Ulsan about the introduction of Changchun was broadcasted in South Korea.
In March 2001, Ulsan City Council delegation visited Changchun. In April, Xia Fulong, deputy director of Changchun Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, led a delegation to visit Ulsan. In May, a Changchun urban construction delegation visited Ulsan.
In July 2002, Vice Mayor Liu Youxiang led a 48-member economy delegation from Changchun to go to Seoul and Ulsan in South Korea for investment promotion. In October, a delegation of 37 people from Ulsan and Jung-gu headed by Ulsan Mayor Park Maeng Woo, South Korea, visited Changchun and held a “China-South Korea Enterprise Trade and Investment Exchange Meeting”.
In March 2003, four people including president of Shiyuan Co., Ltd  from South Korea and Minister of Keb Hana Bank discussed with Changchun Foreign Affairs Office on the opening of an Ulsan City Office in Changchun.
In July 2004, Mayor Park Maeng Woo and Municipal Councilor Speaker Kim Cheol Wook came to Changchun and participated in the "Ulsan Week", visited the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and planted a friendship tree.
In October 2005, Changchun Mayor Zhu Yejing visited Ulsan, held a Changchun Investment Environment Briefing and participated in the naming ceremony of “Changchun Road” held in Ulsan.
In July 2006, Executive Deputy Mayor Cui Jie visited Ulsan.
In November 2007, a Changchun citizen delegation visited Ulsan.
In June 2008, Ulsan awarded director Zhu Yejing as its honorary citizen. In November, deputy mayor of Ulsan visited Changchun.
In July 2009, Ulsan held a table tennis competition for the 15th anniversary of the two cities sister city relationship establishment.
In April 2010, Changchun Literature and Archives Delegation visited Ulsan.
In October 2011, an Ulsan council delegation visited Changchun.
In January 2012, executive deputy mayor of Ulsan led a delegation to participate in Changchun Ice and Snow Tourism Festival. In September, Ulsan Deputy Mayor of Economy attended Changchun International Sister Cities Mayor Conference.
In April 2013, Wang Yu, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Changchun Municipal Government, paid a business visit to Ulsan and Pohang in South Korea. In May, President Choi Deok Jong of Ulsan Medical Association of South Korea led a medical and health delegation to visit Changchun. In October, Mr. Kim Wan Bok, education supervisor of Ulsan Metropolitan City, visited Changchun as head of an education delegation.
In March 2014, a delegation of Changchun visited Ulsan to participate in the 20th anniversary commemoration. In April, an Ulsan delegation visited Changchun to conduct an opera performance.
In August 2015, Ulsan Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Association brought more than 10 small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the Agricultural Expo held in Changchun. In October, Deputy Director Xu Huaiwu was invited to attend the World Tourism Conference held in Ulsan, South Korea. In November, a sports delegation headed by Ulsan Metropolitan Mayor Park Hae Woon from South Korea participated in the Sister Cities Tennis Exchange held in the city.
In May 2016, Ulsan mbc TV station visited Changchun and negotiated with the city TV station on the introduction of Ulsan programs and the joint shooting of a Changchun promotional film. In June, enterprises of Ulsan, South Korea participated in the China-Japan-South Korea Economy and Trade Matchmaking Conference hosted in Changchun and communicated with automobile enterprises in Changchun. A delegation of the Standing Committee of Changchun Municipal People's Congress visited Ulsan, participated in Ulsan Green Industry Conference, and had an exchange with Ulsan Municipal Council. In July, a delegation of culture from Changchun visited Ulsan and participated in the 21st Sino-South Korean Calligraphy and Painting Exchange Exhibition. In August, Ulsan sent two enterprises to participate in the 15th Agricultural Expo hosted in Changchun. Taehwa Building Environmental Delegation of Ulsan visited Changchun and communicated with the city's Construction Committee on the reference of successful experience of Taehwa River management in Ulsan. The two sides agreed that two experts should be sent to Changchun for field work guidance. In September, water management experts from Ulsan visited Changchun and conducted investigation on the black and stinky water bodies such as the Chuanhu Lake and Yitong River in Changchun, and exchanged with various departments such as the Municipal Construction Committee and the Architectural Planning and Design Institute for plan implementation. Representatives from Ulsan were invited to participate in the Half Marathon Competition held in Changchun and achieved satisfactory results. In October, Changchun organized four companies to participate in the enterprises exchange and cooperation meeting in Ulsan.
From April 24 to 26, 2017, Won Moon Soo, president of Ulsan Metropolitan City Art Association of South Korean, visited Changchun with the goal to better promote the exchanges and cooperation between Ulsan and Changchun in calligraphy, painting and sculpture. During the visit, the two sides held a discussion on the exchange exhibition of the 22nd China-South Korea (Changchun·Ulsan) paintings and calligraphy works in Changchun.
In May 2017, it was the 20th anniversary of metropolitan upgrade of Ulsan, South Korea, Changchun's sister city. It was of great significance to Ulsan. On behalf of the municipal government, Director Qi Guohua gave a heartfelt congratulation to Ulsan and specially made a corresponding video.
From July 25 to 30, 2017, the 22nd China-South Korea (Changchun · Ulsan) Calligraphy Art Exchange Exhibition was held in the Qianyuan Art Center of the Convention and Exhibition Center in Changchun. Won Moon Soo, president of the Fine Arts Association of Ulsan, led 20 artists with nearly 100 works from South Korea for participation. Local Changchun artists also brought with them more than 200 painting and calligraphy works to participate in the exhibition.
From August 14 to 17, 2017, a delegation of 21 youth football players from Ulsan Metropolitan City led by Lee Chan Hee visited Changchun to play friendship football games with the local youths. During their visit, Ulsan youths competed with students from Jingyue Experimental School of High School Attached to Northeast Normal University and Changchun No. 6 High School. Although the two teams from Changchun lost both games, such competitions helped Changchun youths gain valuable experiences, found their shortcomings, and played a positive role in improving the youths football level and learning experience and skills from foreign players.
From August 29 to September 1, 2017, the 19th China-Japan-South Korea Sister Cities Exchange Conference was successfully held in Ulsan, South Korea, an international sister city of Changchun. Deputy inspector Chen Li led a team of three people to participate in the meeting on behalf of Changchun, and held talks with Ulsan Municipal Government of South Korea on further exchanges and cooperation between the two cities. More than 300 representatives from China, Japan and South Korea participated in the conference and discussed the theme of “Accelerate Transformation and Upgrading, and Promote Local Development in Northeast Asia”.
From September 20 to 22, 2017, a 12-member Ulsan education delegation headed by Im Gyu Joo, Director of Curriculum of Ulsan Metropolitan City in South Korea, visited Changchun, and communicated with Changchun Education College, Changchun Ethnic Korean High School and High School Attached to Northeast Normal University.
From September 22 to 24, 2017, a delegation of 14 members headed by Kim Dong In, director of Animation High School of Ulsan Metropolitan City, a South Korean sister city of Changchun, visited Changchun. During the visit, the China-South Korea (Changchun-Ulsan) Youth Animation Exchange Exhibition was held at Jilin Animation Institute. The exchange exhibition opened on the 22nd and lasted for a week. During their visit in Changchun, the delegation conducted student exchange with the South Korean National High School and held discussion with the relevant persons in charge of Changchun Federation of Literature and Art on the cultural activities between the two cities in 2018.
From September 27 to October 1, 2017, a group of three people led by Li Wei, CPC secretary of Changchun Foreign Affairs Office, visited Ulsan, South Korea, and participated in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Ulsan City upgrade to Ulsan Metropolitan City.
From October 17 to 20, 2017, a badminton delegation of 10 people headed by President Hyeon Tae Gyeong of Ulsan Metropolitan City of South Korea visited Changchun and participated in the friendship matches with amateur badminton players from Jilin Province and Changchun .
From May 28 to June 1, 2018, in order to further enhance Changchun opening up, strengthen pragmatic cooperation in the counterpart fields, and promote mutual learning and communication between civil servants in Changchun and Ulsan, Ulsan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Civil Servants Delegation of six people visited Changchun and participated in the "China-South Korea Civil Servants Exchange Week" held by civil servants in Changchun.