Novi Sad, Serbia

November 10, 1981
Changchun and Novi Sad Established Sister City Relationship

[City Profile]
Novi Sad is capital of Vojvodina Province in the north of the Republic of Serbia. It is a famous economic, technological, higher education, cultural, sports and media center. It is located at the intersection of the Bachica Canal and the Danube River, about 70 km southeast of the Serbian capital Belgrade. It covers an area of 702.7 square kilometers and a population of 340,000 (2011). The city was built in 1694 and developed into a cultural, trade and manufacturing center in Serbia from the 18th to the 19th century. It is known as "Athens of Serbia". Today it is the second largest city and an industrial and financial center in Serbia, and is selected as one of the “Cultural Capitals of Europe” in 2021.

[Resources and Industries]
Before the 1990s, Novi Sad had long been the industrial center of Vojvodina Province. Later, due to the international trade embargo and inflation, the local industry suffered severe setbacks. Since 2001, the city’s economy started to recover and has gradually shifted from an industrial-driven type to a tertiary-industry-driven one. Many banks, insurance companies and energy companies have their headquarters here. It is also home to the wheat market in Serbia.