Deputy Mayor Debra Lobb of Palmerston North, New Zealand, Leads a Delegation to Visit Changchun

Updated : 2024-04-28Source : CCFAO
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Debra Lobb, Deputy Mayor of Palmerston North, New Zealand, and her delegation visited our city from April 22 to 23, 2024. The visit aimed to promote educational exchanges and cooperation between Palmerston North and Changchun, as well as to foster a friendly relationship between the two cities.
On the morning of April 22, Deputy Mayor Zhao Xian met with Debra Lobb and her delegation at the Shangri-La Hotel in Changchun. Zhao Xian extended a warm welcome to the delegation, introduced Changchun to them, and highlighted its excellent educational and cultural tourism resources. He mentioned that Changchun and Palmerston North have great potential for collaboration, as their industries align well. He hoped that the delegation would gain a deeper understanding of Changchun and actively promote it in Palmerston North, which would assist us in establishing educational exchanges and sister school relationships with more New Zealand schools and strengthening cooperation in fields of agriculture, science and education, cultural tourism, etc.
Debra Lobb expressed her gratitude for the warm reception. She said that Palmerston North is committed to developing into an eco-friendly and empowered city of innovative growth, creative vitality, and secure connectivity, with great potential for mutually beneficial outcomes with Changchun. Moreover, she expressed her willingness to foster a friendly relationship with Changchun along with cooperation in education, economy and trade. She also looked forward to the early visit of the Changchun delegation, so as to continue the friendship, discuss cooperation, and achieve more fruitful results.
During their stay in Changchun, the delegation visited the Jilin Tianshuo Education Exchange Service Co., Ltd., No. 11 High School of Changchun, New Area Experimental School of No. 11 High School of Changchun, and Changchun 52nd Habile Experimental Middle School, and reached cooperation intention with Tianshuo Education and Changchun 52nd Habile Experimental Middle School, followed by the signing of a Cooperation Agreement.