Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village in Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Updated : 2024-01-26Source : egov-buryatia.ru
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One must-visit attraction is the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, which is a living history museum that showcases the city’s maritime past. The Maritime Museum, Lighthouse, and reconstructed 19th-century village make Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village the perfect place for maritime enthusiasts.
Learn about early exploration, shipwrecks, sailing, and fishing through interactive displays and multimedia presentations. In the museum, you will find the Loch Ard Peacock which washed ashore two days after the Loch Ard ship sunk nearby.
Climb the 1859 lighthouse for panoramic views of the coast. Wander the village streets and explore buildings to get a sense of early settler and seafarer life. Don’t miss highlights like the Shipwrecked Sound and Light Show and Whalers Cottage.
This fascinating and immersive experience is one of the best things to do in Warrnambool for those interested in the area’s rich heritage.