Real friendship links twin cities in disaster oceans apart

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Changchun’s twin city Sendai offered solicitude through the Changchun International Department on Mar. 14 for the recent increasing COVID-19 pneumonia cases and the severe pandemic battle, offering to provide support and assistance to overcome the pandemic. Upon the occurrence of magnitude 6 earthquakes in Miyagi and central Fukushima on the evening of Mar. 16, the International Department contacted Sendai, offering solicitude, assistance and support and receiving gratitude. 

Sendai is the first international twin city of Changchun. The two cities entered into formal friendship on Oct. 27, 1980 and thereafter communicated and cooperated extensively in politics, economy, culture, sports and education with success. At the outbreak of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the twin cities exchanged concern without delay and made donations of medical supplies at the most difficult of all times against the plague. The recent exchange of concern in difficulty once more testified to the solidity of an over 40-year-old friendship.