The 2nd Virtual Meeting for Changchun-Ulsan Automobile Industry Held

Updated : 2021-11-29Source : CCFAO
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To further promote the development of automobile industry of Changchun City and strengthen the cooperation and exchanges with ROK, the Virtual Meeting for China (Changchun)-ROK (Ulsan) Automobile Industry was held on November 24, 2021. This is the second virtual meeting between the two sides after the one organized in May last year. 

Both Changchun and Ulsan are competitive in automobile and auto parts. Last year, the two sides set the direction and specific fields of cooperation. This year, efficient measures for pushing forward the pragmatic cooperation between the two sides were adopted. 

On November 24 and 25, seven Chinese enterprises and six from ROK had 11 rounds of talks mainly focused on automotive chip, automatic driving steering controller, engine gear, differential shaft, wires and cables and bolt fasteners. 

Wednesday afternoon on November 24, the 4-member delegation led by Xue Chunzhi, Director General of Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO), inspected the venue KOTRA Changchun Pavilion for the meeting between the two main engine plants of Jiefang and Besturn of FAW and JMGEAR and Telechips. 

“CCFAO is willing to build a platform to promote the cooperation and exchanges among enterprises and thus further promote the development of automobile industry of Changchun City,” Xue Chunzhi was quoted as saying at the meeting, adding, “Firstly, to create more opportunities for cooperation and exchanges among the enterprises of the two sides; secondly, to provide support for the experts and personnel to return back from ROK to Changchun; and thirdly, to facilitate as a platform for enterprises to ‘go out’ for business expansion and international competitiveness improvement.”