Officials to evaluate cost of refurbishing 30-year-old Jiimaan Ferry

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WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Mayor of the Township of Pelee is hoping for some positive news about the Jiimaan Ferry for islanders.

Ray Durocher said, “it is being taken to Sarnia for evaluation as to its future use.”

CTV Windsor received tips from some Kingsville and Leamington residents who say the Ferry was seen undertow in Lake Erie heading toward the Detroit River earlier Wednesday.

Durocher explained the province wants to look into refurbishing the nearly 30-year-old vessel as its begun showing some corrosion and officials want to evaluate the cost of an extra motor facing sideways.

The second engine would help the operator dock more smoothly when a gusty wind is blowing from either side.

Durocher said the Jiimaan has not been used this year as the newer Pelee Islander ll is taking passengers and vehicles from Kingsville and Leamington to the island.

Before the border closed, The Pelee Islander l brought passengers from Sandusky, Ohio.

Durocher stated the older Pelee Islander l is scheduled to go into dry dock next year for recertification, and he does not expect the 60-year-old ferry to remain in service much beyond 2027.

He is hopeful work to refurbish the Jiimaan will be possible and that ferry will replace the Pelee Islander l when it is retired.

Owen Sound Transportation, the operator of the Pelee Island Ferries was not immediately available for comment.