(Windsor)City to expand public EV charging stations

Updated : 2021-01-15Source : www.windsorontarionews.com
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The City of Windsor is expanding the number of electric vehicle (EV) plug-in charging stations at city-owned sites. In a report to city council city administration says new locations will be the Pelissier Street parking garage (4 connections), the WFCU Centre (4), Capri Pizzeria Recreation Complex (2), Dieppe Gardens (2), Via Italia public parking (2), Riverfront Festival Plaza (2), Walkerville public parking (2), City Hall Square (2) and Mic Mac Park (2). Also, a station will be located at the new Assumption Park Celestial Beacon site housing the antique former city streetcar number 251, part of a one-time electric transportation fleet more than a century old. That’s symbolic because Windsor was the first city in Canada to run an electric streetcar. There is currently only one city-owned plug-in station at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre. Funding for the new stations will be from the federal Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP). Just like the current station the new ones will be free for public use with “the option to charge for use later,” a report says. In June 2019, there were 125 battery electric vehicles and 254 plug-in hybrid vehicles registered in the city. Besides these 10 stations the city has identified 15 additional sites “and continues to monitor potential grant funding.” The city also has seven charging stations on its own properties such as at fleet yards. It’s awaiting a federal grant to install an additional 10 dual-port (or 20 stations) for its own vehicle fleet.