(Warrnambool)New recycling bins for all households

Updated : 2020-11-06Source : Warrnambool gov
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Warrnambool’s stock of ageing household recycling bins will be replaced over the next six weeks, starting from November 9.The new yellow-lidded bins will be the same size as the old bins – 240 litres – and will still be collected fortnightly. Recycling bins will be swapped over the morning after they are emptied. To enable the swap over residents are asked to leave their recycling bin out until the evening after collection.


Warrnambool City Council Acting CEO Vikki King said while some recycling bins might still be in working order, it was more practical to replace all household bins in one effort.“Many of our existing household recycling bins in Warrnambool are about 20 years old, which is roughly the age at which they start to fail,” Ms King said.