Changchun Customs Takes Multiple Measures to Promote High-Quality Development of Foreign Trade

Updated : 2024-02-27Source : CCFAO
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This year, Changchun Customs will actively carry out the campaign of "Promoting Revitalization through Customs" by focusing on enhancing the quality and efficiency of the "Intelligent Customs for a Strong Country" action and supporting our province in deepening its participation in the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, while promoting the implementation of the overall revitalization of Northeast China in the new era, building high-level opening-up platforms, and supporting the stabilization and security of the supply chain of key industries, among other new key tasks.
Continuously optimizing the business environment at ports, Changchun Customs will conduct tax policy research on advantageous import and export commodities in our province, in conjunction with the national diplomatic situation, strategic planning, and industrial policies. It will support the expansion and improvement of cross-border e-commerce business in our province and boost the healthy and orderly development of cross-border e-commerce, while supporting the planning and construction of mutual trade zones in border ports.
Facilitating the creation of high-level opening-up platforms, Changchun Customs will advance the establishment of Changchun Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Hunchun Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which are characterized by unique features, to better serve the development of the "quality-promoting" project for the automobile industry cluster and the construction of the Hunchun Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone. Furthermore, it will implement the requirements of the Measures for Performance Evaluation of Development of Comprehensive Bonded Zones, strengthen the responsibility of local governments, enhance innovation in bonded zones, and fully leverage the functional effects of the "bonded + " policy.
Supporting the stabilization and security of the supply chain of key industries, Changchun Customs will seriously carry out various tax reduction policies, optimize tax services, and provide technical support for tariffs. Additionally, it will implement facilitation measures for the inspection and supervision of imported auto parts and bulk commodities, strengthen classification guidance, and provide personalized service packages for auto parts and specialty agricultural products, to continuously guide enterprises in our province to undertake the gradient transfer of processing trade.
Serving the high-quality joint construction of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, Changchun Customs will actively and prudently promote the opening up of new ports, and orderly accelerate the acceptance of the Shuangmufeng Port. Moreover, it will further support the development of China Railway Express in our province through the stable operation of the "Railway Express" model, promote the growth of TIR road transport services and expand the "direct loading and unloading" railway service scope, to continuously improve the facilitation level of trade at land border ports.