As of April 20, 690 Projects Resumed in Changchun, Setting a Record High -- How can Changchun Develop the "Changchun Speed" for Project Construction

Updated : 2023-04-26Source : CCFAO
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The year 2023 is another big year of projects for Changchun: The city plans for 1,202 projects above RMB 50 million, with a total investment of RMB 1.25 trillion and an annual planned investment of RMB 178.7 billion.

As of March 31, 584 projects had gone to operation or been resumed, accounting for 48.59% of all projects. The operation and resumption rate has been a record high for the same period throughout the history.

As of April 20, 690 projects had gone to operation or been resumed, with the rate rising to 57.40%, another record high for the same period throughout the history.

Earlier, faster and better. With the "Changchun Speed" for project construction, Changchun strives for the new breakthrough in all-region revitalization and development.

Investors and project service personnel generally use the maturity index to measure "Changchun Speed". They say that in this year, the project features "good maturity" and "rapid maturity".

180 days in advance! At 22:00 on March 30th, the Jilin Changchun Founder 66 kV transmission and Transformation Project was successfully put into operation with the successful shock closing of the No.1 and No.2 main transformers at the Founder 66 kV substation of State Grid Changchun Power Supply Company. "The early operation of this substation will provide more guarantees for Audi FaW's new energy vehicle project to continue to refresh the 'China speed'." Liu Zhijun, director of the Construction Bureau of Qikai District, praised the State Grid Changchun Power Supply Company.

Project construction is a complex project, which not only needs the investor's preparation in personnel, fund, materials and other aspects but also requires the government to improve the approval for the handling procedure of construction, and it also necessitates the comprehensive protection of production factors such as water, electricity, gas and heat.

The city takes the element guarantee as an important starting point to promote the project maturity, strengthen the linkage of development and reform, government data, regulation, environmental protection, construction commission and other departments, use the winter time to accelerate the project preliminary procedures, change winter idle into winter busy, constantly improve the maturity of the project, to ensure that the project early start, early construction.

In the economic development zone, the photoelectric Information Industrial Park "once completed, full" has been built to the third phase, including the main building, plant, power center, complex building and six buildings are under construction simultaneously, hundreds of workers, more than 100 sets (sets) of equipment efficient operation. "The project will be fully completed in June 2024, and companies such as Changguang Jizhi, Changguang Zhengwon and Changguang Chenxin are lining up to move in." Economic development zone economic development Bureau staff Geng Yutang told reporters. In order to ensure the early start of the project, through the linkage between the project center of the opening area and the project center of the city, a number of services are provided, such as capacity and absence management, 24-hour construction permit, parallel approval, etc., to help the project side quickly solve a series of start-up problems.

Fast solution of project problems is becoming the characteristic of Changchun. On the basis of 100 key projects guaranteed by the municipal leadership, the city gives full play to the coordinating role of the project center, and promotes the cracking of project problems through the three-level problem cracking mechanism of "territory-department-specialized class". At the same time, implement the list management, scheduling analysis and project service mechanism, strengthen the project service and management. The city also further promoted the implementation of secretary service mechanism, for more than 50 million yuan project secretary arrangement, provide all-weather, the whole process of the "nanny" service, more small and micro problems, found at the time, to solve in the front line.

Confidence is more important than anything else when the economy is recovering.

Since the beginning of this year, Changchun City, together with a large number of project parties, organized and carried out a number of concentrated project construction activities by field and in batches, demonstrating that Changchun's revitalization and development took the lead in breaking new ground--

On February 21, Jilin Province automobile industry cluster "step up" engineering project started activity, held in Changchun International Automobile City creative automobile Research and Development Industrial Park, Audi FaW new energy vehicle, FAW Fodi power battery and other 10 billion level major industrial projects accelerated construction.

On Feb. 28, Changchun began construction on 27 key urban construction projects, including eight rail transit projects, with an annual investment of 26.7 billion yuan. The 128-kilometer rail transit project, with an investment of 13.5 billion yuan, will be completed within this year.

On March 30, work began on 27 cultural and tourism projects.

On April 10, work began on 27 energy projects.

On April 17, work began on 17 major pharmaceutical and health industry projects.

The golden period of project construction has arrived, and Changchun is still accelerating.