Prices of main grain and oil and non-staple food in Changchun declined

Updated : 2023-04-06Source : CCFAO
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According to the monitoring data of five major farmers' markets in Changchun, Changchun maintains the adequate goods supply reserve and smooth commodity circulation channels for the essential daily necessities market, which can meet the consumption demands of the citizens. Compared to March 27, the prices of grain and oil and fruit on April 3 remain stable, and of non-staple food basically stable, and the average price of vegetables has declined significantly.

The price of grain, oil and fruit is stable. The average price for rice is RMB 2.80 per 500 grams (the same below), for flour RMB 2.34, for barreled soybean oil (5L) RMB 71.00, for apple RMB 6.60, for banana RMB 4.50, and for pear RMB 5.50, and the prices for the above varieties are unchanged week on week.

Price of non-staple food remains stable, with that of lamb going down slightly by 0.52%, while the prices of other varieties remain stable.

The average price of vegetables has fallen significantly. Of the 12 monitored key vegetables, 8 witness decline in the price and 4 remain stable. The vegetables with the significant decline in the price include capsicum (17.86%), green pepper (12.73%) and tomato (10.34%), while the price for other vegetables fluctuates slightly.