Changchun conducts cooperation and exchanges on culture and tourism projects in Hangzhou

Updated : 2023-03-17Source : Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
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Recently, the Changchun delegation of investment promotion and exchanges held the Changchun-Hangzhou Cooperation and Exchanges Forum in Hangzhou, aiming to introduce and display culture and tourism resources and projects. More than 50 culture and tourism enterprises in Hangzhou participated in the event.

The delegation, composed of the Changchun New Area, the Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Lianhua Mountain Eco-tourism Resort, Jiutai district and Shuangyang district, prepared 40 projects in 10 areas including infrastructure and public service facilities, cultural and creative industries, hotels, culture and tourism complexes, tourism resorts, winter tourism, eco-tourism, and new business forms, with a total planned investment of nearly 100 billion yuan. To make enterprises participating in the event better understand the foundation and future of Changchun's culture and tourism industry, members of the delegation introduced their own regional strengths and future development. In combination with the development direction of Changchun's culture and tourism industry, all the invited enterprises were culture and tourism-related enterprises in Hangzhou with strong industrial leading ability and distinctive features.

At present, Changchun is fully implementing the province's "one pillar, six doubles" high-quality development strategy and accelerating the building of "six cities linkage". The construction of Cultural and Creative City is in full swing. The forum has served as a platform for communication and matchmaking between Changchun and Hangzhou, strengthened cooperation and exchanges between culture and tourism enterprises in the two places, promoted the exchange of tourists, boosted development of Changchun's culture and tourism industry, and contributed to the construction of Changchun Cultural and Creative City.