Changchun: solidly promote the rural revitalization and accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas

Updated : 2023-02-24Source : CCFAO
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"Thriving business, pleasant living environment, social etiquette and civility, effective governance, and prosperity" are general requirements of the rural revitalization strategy. In 2023, Changchun will continue to carry the weight of food security, grow the modern agricultural industries, and improve the rural living conditions. By building the "three systems" of agriculture and consolidating the foundation of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, Changchun strives to build it into a modern agriculture city.

During the past year, Changchun made progress in rural revitalization: it has started the "Black Earth Granary" science and technology battle, established 1.19 million mu of high-standard farmland, implemented 10.9 million mu of conservation tillage, and achieved 24.85 billion Jin grain production; Changchun National Agricultural High-tech Development Zone has been established; the number of beef cattle has grown to 1.45 million; 8,085 mu of new greenhouse has been built; it has been awarded the national excellent city for the practice of holding city mayors responsible for the "vegetable basket"; total agricultural output is estimated to be RMB 98.8 billion for 2022; it completed the construction and repair of rural roads with the mileage of 2,100 km, the construction of afforested area of 530,000 mu, the reform of toilets for 52,000 rural households as well as founding of 202 quality villages for "village demonstration". This has further improved the living environment of the rural areas.

In 2023, continuing to carry the weight of food security, Changchun will carry out the pilot engineering construction of 100,000 mu of high-standard farmland demonstration zones, implement conservation tillage for the area of 11.03 million mu, and achieve the goal of more than 95% of the integrated agricultural mechanization and grain and crops sowing for the area of 25 million mu. Greater breakthroughs will also be achieved in Changchun National Agricultural High-tech Development Zone's infrastructure, scientific research cooperation, projects for revitalization of planting industry and other industrial projects. Build more than 7,500 mu of new greenhouse to improve the city's capability of self-sufficiency of meat, eggs and vegetables.

Foster the "10 major industrial chains", introduce 30 new agricultural projects over RMB 100 million, create 30 quality and prestigious agricultural product brands, and achieve RMB 70 billion of the output value of the agricultural product processing industry. Fully advance the project for 3 million heads of beef cattle, with the number of beef cattle reaching 1.65 million. Develop leisure agriculture, rural e-commerce and rural tourism.

Continue to improve the living condition of the rural areas. Construct and repair rural roads of 3,100 km, reform 13,800 toilets in rural areas, and build 6 demonstration belts and 20 demonstration towns for "Beautiful Countryside". Construct 1 integrated social agricultural service center for each county. Consolidate and expand the achievements on poverty alleviation. Advance the project for the revitalization of new energy villages.