Chaoyang District Plans to Build 52 Projects over RMB 50 million or above for this year

Updated : 2023-02-24Source : CCFAO
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Industrial project construction is a driving force and engine for the economic development. Chaoyang District will vigorously promote the growth by implementing the project construction, organizing the quality projects and improving the project services. For this year, Chaoyang District plans to build 52 projects over RMB 50 million, of which 23 are planned to start or resume in the spring.

Currently, the Chaoyang District has put the guarantee and protection mechanism in force to promote the construction of key projects, strengthen the advancement of special teams and ensure the steady investment in the key projects such as the CREC Expo Center and China-France Intelligent Industrial Park. For the National Medical Center of the Affiliated Hospital of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the State Key Laboratory of Space Target Photoelectric Detection Technology and Application, the guaranteed and insured personnel will actively coordinate to solve the problems encountered in the process of starting and resuming the project.

The Chaoyang District Bureau of Development and Reform has carried out the major project planning, with no less than 100 major projects arranged and planned for this year. It will focus on various dimensions, including local government bonds, central government budgetary investment, "six new industries" and "four new facilities". Also, it will proceed to organize the project consultant teams for guiding the packaging of the projects, striving to plan and store a batch of more special debt projects. Currently, there are 5 special debt projects that have been planned and stored in total.

The District will produce the project entry flow chart, project construction key nodes flow chart and progress table of key projects over RMB 50 million, to handle the overall work progress, operation and supervision according to the charts and tables. Also, by organizing and conducting the regional activities such as "Great Visits" and "Great Investigations On the Spot" and establishing the system for the resumption of key projects and daily accounts and information processing, the District will get accurate information on the issues that all levels should coordinate in solving in the process of starting and resuming projects to solve these issues, so as to promote the opening and resumption of the projects as much as possible.