Shopping Malls Opening Time

Updated : 2022-12-05Source : CCFAO
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Most shopping malls and restaurants are open on Dec 3rd.

Here are the shopping locations’ opening times:


Resource: Stream Culture - Newcomer Orientation Program 

Plants/Fish/Tea Market 

qīng yí fǎng 青怡坊 

-A market of flowers, tea, bird, fish, and insects.

-A great place to purchase tea.

-Flowers wholesale.

-You can buy flowers at a relatively low price here.

-Good place to go if you want to get a pet.

Opening Hours:

Basement Floor (Tea Shops)


 Floors 1-2 (Flowers/Fish)



Resource: Stream Culture - Newcomer Orientation Program

Middle-East Market 

zhōng dōng dà shì chǎng 中东大市场 

-Includes clothing, household goods, home building materials, furniture, and flowers. 

  -More than 6,000 private shops and a business area of 130,000 square meters.

  -It’s more of a folk market than a commercial one.

Opening Hours:

Clothing /Everyday merchandise


Household supplies




Resourse: Stream Culture - Newcomer Orientation Program 

Eurasia Shopping Mall 

ōu yà mài chǎng 欧亚卖场 

-The largest shopping mall in Changchun, with 600,000 square meters of business area, 200,000 square meters of parking.

-Most popular mall in Changchun.

-The biggest mall in Changchun, possesses many luxuries and popular brands, you can find all kinds of goods here.

-Possesses an Outlets store, a bowling Alley and 2 Starbucks.

-Restaurants & food corner.

-Above ground parking is free.

Opening Hours:

Supermarket (Close to gates 19 & 20 )


Clothing Stores


Furniture Stores

Mon-Fri 10:00-17:30; Weekends 10:00-18:00


Resource: Stream Culture - Newcomer Orientation Program 

Ouya Newlife 

ōuyà xīn sheng huó 欧亚新生活 

-Entertainment, shopping, and restaurants.

-Next to South Lake Park.

-There is a big ouya supermarket undergroud.

Opening Hours:

V-go Supermarket


Shopping Center


Livon Plaza 

lì wàng guǎng chǎng 力旺广场 

Opening Hours:

Sun Tree Supermarket


ShoppingCenter (Floors 1-4)