Notice on Holding "Beautiful Jilin" Chinese and Foreign Translator Speech Contest

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In order to welcome the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, carry forward the national spirit of loving the country and the Party, show the enterprising spirit of people in Jilin in the new era, express the feelings of loving the hometown, and discover and reserve high-level foreign language talents in our province, the Publicity Department of CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, the Education Department of Jilin Province and the Foreign Affairs Office of Jilin Province will jointly hold the first "Beautiful Jilin" Chinese and Foreign Translator Speech Contest. Foreign language cadres of provincial, municipal and prefectural organs, enterprises and institutions, teachers and students at colleges and universities in the province, full-time and part-time translators and foreign nationals are invited to participate in the contest. The contest notice is as follows:

I. Theme of Speech

The theme is "telling good stories of hometown, loving my beautiful Jilin". The subject matter is unlimited and the topic is self-prepared. The "Jilin story" will be delivered around the red spirit, regional characteristics, typical deeds, new development trends, ecological scenery and other contents of Jilin, showing the happy life created by the people of Jilin under the leadership of the Party and welcoming the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

II. Contest Language

English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (foreign nationals)

III. Contest Time and Registration Method

Preliminary stage: Please record and upload the contest videos and manuscripts to before September 20, 2022. Uploading

videos is considered as the registration for the contest, and no registration will be accepted after the deadline.

Final stage: Depending on the epidemic situation, an offline contest will be held in due time, and the contest time will be notified.

IV. Contest Mode

The contest is divided into an organ group (government organs, enterprises and institutions), a student group and a foreign national group. Our office will organize language experts in the province to form a jury, and the jury will select 10 to 15 contestants from each group to be shortlisted for the final.

The finalists will be notified separately by our office, and the list will be announced on the website of the Foreign Affairs Office of Jilin Province (

V. Preliminary Video Requirements

1. The preliminary video shall be in MP4 format, and the duration shall not exceed 4 minutes.

2. Provide foreign language and translation manuscripts of the speech.

3. The video files and Chinese and foreign language manuscripts shall be named in "language + unit name + contestant name + mobile phone number".

VI. Award Setting

For the three groups, a first prize, a second prize, a third prize and several excellence prizes are set up for each language, and the award certificates and souvenirs will be issued. The Spanish language contest is sponsored by Changchun Jiyu Translation Co., Ltd., and the winners will get SIELE GLOBAL examination certification.




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