The 21st CCIAFF Will Open on August 18

Updated : 2022-08-09Source : CCFAO
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  On August 4, the press conference of "The 21st China Changchun International Agriculture and Food Fair" was held in Changchun Agricultural Expo Park. This CCIAFF will be held in Changchun Agricultural Expo Park from August 18 to 27, with a duration of 10 days.

  With the theme of "developing digital agriculture, leading industrial development, enhancing transaction functions, and helping rural revitalization", this CCIAFF consists of 32 items and activities in three major sectors: brand sales exhibition and equipment, industrial demonstration and popular science education, and economic & trade forums and events. Through the "Online + Offline" mode, the high-tech achievements in agriculture will be displayed and a trading platform for agricultural products will be built to achieve agricultural development with high quality, and ensure national food security.

  During the exhibition, achievements of scientific and technological innovation in agriculture will be highlighted. Focusing on the "Fifty Billion Kilograms of Grains", "Ten Million Beef Cattle" projects and the construction of "Ten Industrial Clusters" in Jilin Province, we will actively explore and develop new agriculture, highlight the "four good and one intelligent" (good fields, good varieties, good opportunities, good methods, intelligent agriculture), make demonstrations in agricultural modernization, information application, agricultural product processing integration and other aspects, form a replicable and generalizable experience model concerning the fields of black land protection, precision agriculture, green agriculture and other sectors, and actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the exhibition into real productivity.

        The CCIAFF will focus on improving the level of digital agriculture and smart exhibition. In Exhibition Hall No. 3, the application and innovation of digital technology in the whole agricultural industry chain will be displayed around the construction of digital agriculture and digital village, highlighting the performances of digital platforms such as "Jinongyun", "Jiniuyun", "Bean Industry Cloud", "Digital Village" and "Campus Group Meal Supply Chain", so as to create "digital intelligence agriculture base in the province" and "application and promotion model".

        For the online part, the CCIAFF will continue to rely on "10+365" online CCIAFF exhibition and transaction service platform to launch the activity of "The 2nd Online CCIAFF Golden Autumn Shopping Festival", and the "Jilin Rural Revitalization Characteristic Commodity Trade Exhibition Area" and "International Import and Export Commodity Trade Exhibition Area" have been set up. Besides, it will launch the self-created brand "CCIAFF Excellent Products" characteristic commodities and CCIAFF immediate delivery service with the WeChat mini program and invite offline famous excellent enterprises to trade online, so as to bring high-quality agricultural products to consumers' tables.