Changchun Customs: speed up filing of export food manufacturers

Updated : 2022-06-06Source : CCFAO
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Source: Jilin Daily
To ensure steady and high-quality growth in the province's foreign trade, Changchun Customs, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the General Administration of Customs, further reduced the time required for filing while fulfilling the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. Staring from May 11 this year, the time required for the filing of export food manufactures can be cut from 5 to no more than 3 working days. For the food that has no special registration requirements from overseas competent authorities, if the application materials are complete and meet the legal conditions, the customs shall timely issue a Filing Certificate for Export Food Manufacturers.
By optimizing the working process, Changchun Customs has shifted its supervision over export food manufactures from "replacing supervision with approvals" to "in-process and post-process supervision", further improved the efficiency of customs clearance, shortened the export cycle and lowered the institutional transaction costs of enterprises, fully supporting the development of foreign trade and stabilizing the fundamentals of foreign trade. As of May this year, there are 709 export food manufacturers filed in the province.