Jilin Traffic Management Bureau rolls out 7 measures to promote resumption of work and production

Updated : 2022-04-18Source : Jilin GOV.
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To coordinate epidemic control with economic and social development, give full play to the function of the traffic police department and solve the transportation problems encountered by local businesses, the Jilin Traffic Management Bureau rolled out 7 measures on April 16 to promote the resumption of work and production.
Completely smooth road traffic. With the exception of interprovincial checkpoints, as well as checkpoints in Changchun city and Jilin city, all the checkpoints established by local governments for epidemic control will be removed. All temporarily closed expressway toll gates will be open.
Set up a contact mechanism between police and enterprises. The Jilin Traffic Management Bureau will adhere to the "one city, one policy", visit enterprises that resume work and production, establish a leader contact system, help enterprises solve transportation problems, and offer "point-to-point" services.
Provide escort services for enterprise staff back to work. Enhance customized services for key enterprises, and solve their transportation problems in a timely manner. Local traffic police departments shall offer targeted traffic support based on the list of local businesses resuming work and production and provide escort services when necessary.
Facilitate the passage for freight and logistics. Maximize the passage time and scope of freight vehicles in prefecture-level cities. Except morning and evening rush hours, police in county-level cities shall not impose traffic restrictions on the use of freight vehicles in principle. For special and major transportation tasks, traffic police departments shall provide escort services along the way.
No punishment for minor violations. Minor road traffic violations committed during the transportation of epidemic prevention materials, living necessities, raw materials and products and the centralized transfer of enterprise staff back to work`will be mainly corrected by education and warning instead of punishment. There will be no punishment for overdue renewal or inspection of driving licenses or overdue inspection of motor vehicles affected by the epidemic.
Launch "online, door-to-door and extended" services for traffic management. Guide the public to access traffic management services via the "Jiaoguan 12123" mobile app or online service platform. Provide door-to-door services for enterprises in urgent need of operation resumption with an appointment by phone first. Extend the service time for 12 matters related to vehicle and driver management, such as overdue vehicle inspection and license renewal.
Promote the rapid handling and accelerated handling of traffic accidents. For road traffic accidents handled by simple procedures, guide the parties involved in the accident to implement "rapid handling". For road traffic accidents handled by general procedures, implement "accelerated handling" to further improve the efficiency of accident handling.