Documentary on Jilin province's financial institutions improving their ability to serve foreign trade during the epidemic

Updated : 2022-04-15Source : Jilin GOV.
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Fight COVID-19, ensure stability in foreign trade, take multiple measures to strengthen financial service support ——Documentary on Jilin province's financial institutions improving their ability to serve foreign trade during the epidemic

In the crucial period of the province winning the battle against COVID-19, the Provincial Department of Commerce has thoroughly implemented the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, coordinated epidemic control with economic development, helped foreign trade firms cope with the impact of the epidemic, and supported import and export enterprises to develop the international market in a diversified way. Relevant financial institutions have spared no effort to help ease difficulties facing foreign trade entities, explored new paths of financial services, introduced new measures to benefit enterprises, minimized the impact of the epidemic, and taken multiple measures to help foreign trade firms get through this challenging time. 
1, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, Changchun Office
Launch round-the-clock online services, and encourage enterprises to use digital tools. Provide dedicated internet access services with 24-hour business consultation. Encourage foreign trade companies to handle credit, quota, shipping, financing, claim settlement and other credit insurance businesses via SOL and EDI to ensure timely and efficient business response. Encourage foreign trade companies to obtain online overseas risk information query and push services by using digital tools.
Reduce the insurance cost of enterprises, and strengthen support for specialized and sophisticated enterprises producing new and unique products. Give priority to receiving and approving applications for insurance signing and renewal from foreign trade companies affected by the epidemic. Introduce low rates and differentiated fee reductions to micro and small-sized foreign trade firms when signing or renewing insurances. Further cut fees for micro and small-sized enterprises that are specialized in niche sectors or micro and small-sized manufacturers that are champions in a single field, and appropriately optimize underwriting conditions in terms of the maximum compensation limit, payment method and limit satisfaction of the insurance policy.
Improve risk tolerance, and set up a green channel for claim settlement. In addition to the negative list, the overseas buyer's credit limit applied by enterprises is approved and satisfied preferentially within the authority of the branch. During the epidemic period, set up a green channel for claim settlement and recovery, give priority to reporting losses, claim settlements and entrusted investigations, and reasonably relax the conditions for setting claims. Give priority to the compensation payment and recovery transfer procedures of enterprises affected by the epidemic to support them in resuming work and production.
Actively respond to the risks of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and put forward relevant suggestions. In view of the risks associated with the Russia-Ukraine conflict, actively check potential risks, release risk alerts on the WeChat official account, and put forward suggestions on related risks, derogation measures and safeguarding rights and interests to help foreign trade companies cope with trade risks. 
Support the development of micro and small-sized foreign trade companies, and strengthen policy financing support. Establish an emergency service center for 1,230 enterprises with an export volume of less than US$5 million in 2021 to handle their insurance, renewal and financing businesses through the "single window" online. Implement a special floating mechanism for the total quota of micro, small and medium-sized businesses to support foreign trade enterprises in securing their orders. Step up protection against the risk of cancellation of orders before export, apply value-added insurance schemes to micro, small and medium-sized businesses, and set premium rates for additional insurance at a lower rate to encourage enterprises to receive orders during the epidemic. Focus on solving the financing difficulties of micro, small and medium-sized businesses, work with the bank to build a financing platform and to formulate an action plan for policy promotion, and actively promote special products jointly launched by banks and trust companies. 
Business contact: Manager Zhu,
Tel: 0431-82660527, 18841120628
2, Export-Import Bank of China, Jilin Branch
Make every effort to ensure basic financial services. Activate the emergency response plan for epidemic prevention and control, swiftly enter the battle state of epidemic control, set up a special work force for business consultation, establish an online mechanism for collaboration and liaison, release service announcements during the epidemic, provide services 24 hours a day, and answer questions via the WeChat account in a timely manner. For enterprise customers with urgent business needs, open a quick appointment hotline for counter businesses to ensure financial services.
Strengthen financial support for foreign trade firms. Give full play to the role of policy banks in stabilizing foreign trade, and take the initiative in providing services for enterprises. Learn about the situation of foreign trade customers by phone, activate the green approval channel, and allow 10 enterprises affected by the epidemic to postpone interest repayments on their loans, with a total amount of interest of 33.16 million yuan in the first quarter. The branch has extended the repayment time for 410 million yuan of maturity loans for 4 enterprises and adjusted the repayment plan for 454 million yuan of loans for 4 enterprises, effectively playing the counter-cyclical adjustment role of policy banks and helping foreign trade firms tide over difficulties. 
Business contact: Manager Hou,
Tel: 13936501111
3, Bank of China, Jilin Branch
Smooth service channels. By using the iGTB comprehensive service platform, the branch has provided non-contact one-stop services for foreign trade firms through corporate e-banking, mobile banking and smart counters. It also helped key foreign trade firms fulfill the beneficiary responsibility of letter of credit and opened international letter of credit business with the transmission and review of electronic documents.
Solve the urgent problems of enterprises. During the epidemic period, international letters of credit of US$1.98 million have been issued for foreign trade firms to meet their urgent needs. The branch has set up a green channel of collecting export proceeds, and processed 14 emergency export collection businesses for a local company and its subsidiaries, with a total amount of US$1.47 million. It has also helped a local medical technology company successfully remitted €800,000 of overseas acquisition and handled 9 emergency import collection and payment transactions for a leading private enterprise, with an amount of US$940,000.
Offer professional and efficient services. Promote the online insurance function of "tariff guarantee insurance" launched by the China International Trade Single Window to reduce the financial pressure of enterprises. Support the review and compliance audit of foreign trade documents with the application of the information data of online platforms to ensure the security of enterprise import and export documents. Actively provide consulting services for import and export enterprises in document preparation, expand the scale of online document business, and simplify the transmission of paper-based documents.
Assist enterprises in epidemic prevention. The branch has launched the "Kuai Yi Bao" app for foreign trade enterprises with full operation and maintenance support to help them effectively carry out self-service declaration and real-time management of epidemic prevention information for employees. It has also opened green channels on its online banking and mobile banking to support foreign trade enterprises in conducting online business operator management. 
Transaction banking business contact: Manager Zhong,
Tel: 0431-88409066, 17128022222
Financial business contact: Manager Zhang,
Tel: 0431-88409475, 13843032098
4, China Construction Bank, Jilin Branch
Set up a green channel to ensure documentary services. After the "static management of upgraded control", the branch has established a green channel for documentary payment business at the first time to meet the demand of enterprises and to ensure the smooth customs clearance of goods. To data, the branch has completed 43 foreign exchange payments, totaling 950 million yuan. The plan of "multilateral document submission" has been launched to make preparations for enterprises to process documents in different places.
Introduce foreign funds to ensure financing services. During the epidemic period, the branch has fully fulfilled its social responsibilities. On the one hand, it has kept in touch with overseas branches and paid attention to the trend of overseas funds. On the other hand, it has actively learned about the cross-border financing needs of enterprises and helped them overcome difficulties. Up to now, the branch has issued 375 million yuan in cross-border financing, fully meeting the capital needs of enterprises for material procurement and construction of makeshift hospitals. 
Do a good job in financial security to ensure foreign exchange services. In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the branch has developed a foreign exchange remittance service model to provide full-process cross-border settlement services. At the end of the first quarter, 22 cross-border remittances with a total amount of €23 million were handled for a vehicle joint venture at one time. The branch has interpreted foreign exchange management policies for enterprises online, made every effort to ensure the information registration of newly established foreign-invested enterprises, and helped enterprises solve policy problems they encountered. The capital of a provincial key foreign-funded project of a new energy company was successfully put in place. In the follow-up, the branch will provide comprehensive financial services for the company, including capital transaction, domestic and foreign currency settlement, credit support for green energy projects, etc. 
Adhere to the principles of digital-driven to ensure financial services. Issue operation guidelines for online international business, carry out online product training of cross-border financial services, and guide customers to handle capital transactions, cross-border settlement and trade financing online. Establish a risk-neutral philosophy, pay close attention to domestic and international financial markets, regularly publish trend analysis, market quotes and transaction suggestions, and guide foreign trade enterprises to reasonably avoid exchange rate risks.
Business contact: Manager Ren,
Tel: 0431-80835820, 18643143145
5, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Jilin Branch
Smooth international business channels. Implement the emergency response plan and working mechanism, set up a comprehensive inquiry and transaction system, and smooth the processing channel for remote international business. Fulfill responsibilities to meet the needs of import and export enterprises to the greatest extent, and introduce the Operation Manual of the Government Service Network of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. 
Quickly resolve difficult problems. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the branch has handled US$100 million in international settlement, US$450 million in foreign exchange settlement and sale, RMB20 million in cross-border transactions, US$58 million in fixed term deposits and RMB698.67 million in structural deposits. In terms of anti-epidemic support, the branch has quickly settled foreign exchange in US dollars to support the import and procurement of medical testing equipment for makeshift hospitals in Changchun. In terms of document business, the branch has submitted materials by e-mail and handled import letter of credit business. In terms of the financial market, the branch has carried out forward currency valuation and bill transaction for key customers and promoted the transaction of fixed term deposits and structural deposits. In terms of online services, the branch has handled service trade business through enterprise e-banking channels. Guide enterprises to handle trade credit report, foreign exchange refund registration of goods trade, foreign debt registration and overseas loan registration via the regulatory platform.
Make all-out efforts to ensure the resumption of work and production. Improve financial services, sort out the classified list of customers, strengthen financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises, implement "one enterprise, one policy" for key enterprises, and strive to develop new channels to ensure the growth of foreign trade. 
Business contact: Manager Zhu,
Tel: 0314-89569671
6, Bank of Communications, Jilin Branch
Use online channels to ensure cross-border settlement. Give full play to the role of financial support, allow staff to work remotely for the smooth flow of cross-border foreign exchange receipts and payments, and provide foreign exchange settlement and sale transactions, as well as interest rate and exchange rate risk management services. Enterprises are encouraged to handle cross-border remittance and trade financing via online banking, mobile banking, the China International Trade Single Window platform and CIPS standard transceivers. During the epidemic period, the branch has handled US$45 million in foreign exchange purchasing for a daily necessities company and processed more than 20 cross-border remittances for an auto parts company. Over 300 cross-border settlements have been handled for enterprises in the province.
Set up a green channel to attract foreign investment. Adopt targeted policies, offer efficient services, and strengthen financial services for foreign-funded projects during the epidemic. The branch has handled the registration of foreign direct investment and opened foreign currency capital accounts for key projects in the province, so as to provide guarantee for the smooth arrival of overseas investment funds.
Strengthen coordination and linkage to ensure document processing. In view of such problems as undeliverable shipping documents, inability of foreign trade enterprises and delayed goods during the epidemic period, the branch has taken the initiative to contact key enterprises, inform overseas banks to modify the receiving address of documents and coordinated with local branches of ports, so as to ensure the smooth flow of import goods.
Business contact: Manager Yu,
Tel: 0431-85570753, 15044111573
7, Bank of Jilin 
Establish a working group to ensure services for international customers. During the epidemic period, the bank has set up a special work force to provide services for international customers 24 hours a day and made every effort to ensure the normal operation of international business. The bank has handled US$110 million in international settlement and US$2.5 million in trade financing, ensuring the safety of capital flows and providing financial support for production and operation.
Make use of the online communication mechanism to ensure communication with international customers. The bank has regularly held meetings on financial services for international business through online channels, actively learned about the needs of customers by phone and the internet, formulated service plans, and shortened the decision-making chain for customers by taking the geographical advantage of the head office in Changchun.
Support resumption of work and production to ensure the continuous development of international business. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, customers are facing multiple difficulties such as blocked settlement channels and shutdown of logistics transportation. After in-depth inspection of the business difficulties faced by customers, the bank has designed personalized financial service plans for them and converted RMB 100 million into international business credit. 
Business contact: Manager Zhao,
Tel.: 17704318857
8, Northeast China Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Financing Re-guarantee Co
Win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, implement the decisions and plans for stable growth, strengthen communication with cooperative banks, ensure financial services, and support the steady development of the real economy. The company has renewed and extended the guarantee projects that are about to expire, so as to avoid bad credit records of enterprises. During the epidemic period, the company has actively coordinated with the cooperative bank to extend the guarantee period for a 35-million-yuan project of a private import and export enterprise and has reduced the guarantee fee to ease the pressure of the enterprise. A green channel has been established to increase enterprise credit lines. To alleviate the impact of poor logistics transportation and extended settlement cycle caused by the epidemic, the company has coordinated with the cooperative bank to increase the credit line from 35 million yuan to 50 million yuan for a food import and export enterprise in Baicheng to reduce its pressure of capital turnover.
Business contact: Manager Liu,
Tel: 15774495678