Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology: Science and technology play vital role in spring farming and preparation

Updated : 2022-03-30Source :
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To actively respond to the impact of the epidemic on spring farming and preparation, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology set up online courses to provide agricultural technology services for farmers in the province.
Create online courses. From March 22 to 31, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized 28 technicians and members of the technical expert team for rural revitalization to produce the "Agricultural Technology Collection for Spring Farming and Preparation 2022" with 31 topics. Focusing on the actual needs of farmers for spring farming and production, the collection analyzed the trend of climate change and imparted technical knowledge on crop variety selection, cultivation and pest control. Meanwhile, the department held 9 training sessions on a livestreaming platform, with such topics as "Overview of the Technical Model of Directly Returning Corn Straw to Fields", "Notes for Corn Variety Selection" and "Notes for Rice Variety Selection".
Carry out agricultural technology training. Together with the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Provincial Association for Science and Technology and Jilin Agricultural University, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized more than 10 experts to carry out online training on 3 topics including "Delayed Seedling Raising Technology of Rice", "Notes for High-yield Cultivation of Corn and Agricultural Technology for High Seed Survival Rate" and "Material Preparation before Spring Sowing of Soybeans", guiding farmers to purchase high-quality seeds and fertilizers and scientifically raise seedlings, prepare land and sow seeds.
Mobilize scientific and technological forces at all levels to serve spring farming. The Provincial Department of Science and Technology mobilized more than 50 technical expert teams for rural revitalization and over 400 technicians from all over the province to provide agricultural technology services for farmers by means of online consultation, point-to-point Q & A, one-to-one service and "ordering on demand". To data, the videos related to agricultural technology training for spring farming and preparation have racked up more than 600,000 views.
At present, it is an important stage that Jilin province prepares for spring farming. Jilin Agricultural University has established an expert group to serve the province's spring farming and preparation and has called on its science and technology professionals to provide services for farmers by phone and the internet.
Science and technology professionals in the university have taken various ways to guide farmers to scientifically carry out mechanized farming, seedling cultivation, sowing, fertilization and pest control, so as to ensure the application of green, high-yield and high-efficiency agricultural technologies. The professionals have provided consultation services by telephone and via radio, television, WeChat and other mobile apps to help farmers boost spring agricultural production in a safe and orderly manner.