Twenty Measures to Further Invigorate Market Entities in Jilin Province

Updated : 2022-02-24Source : CCFAO
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Last year witnessed a rapid increase in the number of market entities to more than 3 million in Jilin Province. The number of newly registered ones increased by 50.6% year on year, ranking the first in Northeast China’s three provinces and the third nationwide. 

To implement the spirit of the Conference of Jilin Province on Optimizing Business Environment and Accelerating Project Construction, and the Opinions of the General Office of Jilin Provincial People’s Government on Carrying out the Three-year Campaign of Cultivating and Expanding Market Entities (2022-2024), Jilin Provincial Department of Market Supervision launched the Measures to Cultivate, Expand and Invigorate the Market Entities in Jilin Province. Focusing on such aspects as market access and exit, increasing assistance, promoting product quality and brand improvement, and creating an environment fair for competitions, the authority has adopted 20 supportive measures to further optimize the business environment and fully trigger the vitality and creativity of market entities in the province. 


Seven Measures to Facilitate Market Access, Approval and Exit 

1. Deepen “online, one-day and free” transactions, and promote in an all-round way the operation of “all-in-one network” for individual industrial and commercial units. 

2. Facilitate and standardize the registration of market entities of platform economy, streamline restrictions on residence (business address) registration and allow different market entities to register with the same address for residence (business address) of a qualified custodian institution. If applying to register with a house that meets certain conditions as a residence (business address), the applicant involved shall be allowed to voluntarily choose the commitment system for transaction. The ones who carry out business activities on e-commerce platforms can use the online business addresses provided by the particular platforms to apply as individual industrial and commercial units for registration. 

3. By 2022, the number of reform items will exceed 35 and the number of pilot units will go up to 30, leading to a coverage rate for market entities of more than 40% in the province. 

4. Unblock the access channel for online business entities, and guide such online natural person dealers with annual sales of more than 100,000 each to register as market entities. 

5. By the end of June this year, the e-service counter for administrative licenses will be put in service so that “online approval” in the field of market supervision can be realized. 

6. Eexpand the scope of application of simplified cancellation of registration to limited companies, farmers’ professional cooperatives and individual industrial and commercial units. The duration of cancellation announcement will be reduced to 20 days from 45. 

7. Those with economic difficulties caused by natural disasters, accidents, disasters, public health incidents, social security emergencies and other reasons can decide to close business within a certain period of time but are required to report to the authorities in advance. The registration authorities shall keep the public informed about the durations of applicants’ closures and the addresses of accepting legal documents through the national enterprise credit information publicity system. The maximum period of a closure duration shall not exceed three years. If carrying out business activities during the period of closure, the ones involved shall be deemed to have resumed business, and keep the public informed accordingly through the national enterprise credit information publicity system. During the period of closure, the market entities shall not engage in business, but their other legitimate rights and interests remain effective. 

Seven Measures to Increase Assistance for Enterprises 

1. Open direct policy columns on the portal website of Jilin Provincial Department of Market Supervision and the APP “Auspicious Code”, and provide intelligent and accurate notifications according to the characteristics of different market entities so that market entities can find, understand and use such push notifications. 

2. According to the requirements of the state, the policies of supporting individual industrial and commercial units and micro and small-sized enterprises shall be extended, and meanwhile reduction and exemption be increased and also the scope of competent applicants be appropriately expanded. 

3. Ensure the construction of key cultivation pools, instructive cultivation pools and industrial cultivation pools at all levels, and promote the transformation of more than 5,000 individual industrial and commercial units to “enterprises” by the end of 2022. 

4. By the end of 2022, the inspection and testing fees for “specialized, exquisite, unique and new” enterprises at municipal level or above and major scientific research projects at provincial or ministerial level will be charged at a reduced rate of 70%. The inspection and testing fees of carbon fiber and medical device manufacturers for new product R&D and technological design improvement will be charged at a reduced rate of 50%. 

5. By the end of 2022, the testing of special equipment of ski resorts to be commissioned by the enterprises in the province will be charged at a reduced rate of 50%. 

6. The authorization duration of invention patents in such fields as top-end equipment manufacturing, biology and medicine, new-generation IT and modern agriculture shall be reduced to 6 months from 18.5, that of utility model patents to 1 month from 8, and that of design patents to seven working days from 6. 

7. The higher learning institutions, research institutes and enterprises promote patent licensing or transfer patens to micro, small, medium-sized enterprises in the province. To fully implement the opening of patent licensing and have the scope of patent solicitation expanded to enterprises. The application guide for intellectual property projects will be issued in the first half of the year. The higher learning institutions and research institutes to have 20 patens or more licensed or transferred to micro, small, medium-sized enterprises, and the leading enterprises to have 10 patents or more licensed or transferred micro, small, medium-sized enterprises shall be subsidized in a range from RMB100,000 to RMB300,000 if the volumes of patent contracts reached certain amounts and actual economic benefits were made as expected. 

Three Measures to Promote Product Quality and Brand Optimization 

1. More than 10 group standards for brands in the region of Jilin Province will be issued in 2022, and more than 30 regional brands will be certified. 

2. Make more than 50 micro and small-sized food production enterprises to pass the quality management system certification by the end of 2022. 

3. Provide industrial clusters with comprehensive testing services covering the whole industrial chain in the whole business cycle, set up online acceptance platforms and “one-stop” testing acceptance service counters, launch customized testing “packages”, and provide “one-stop” services such as door-to-door acceptance, collection and delivery of samples, and delivery of testing reports. 


Three Measures to Create an Environment Fair for Competitions 

1. Carry out special inspections on charges for administrative examination and approval intermediary service institutions, industrial associations, commercial banks, and suppliers of water, electricity, gas and heating related to the key industries, and promote the implementation of reducing fees and burdens. 

2. Issue and implement the Competition Compliance Guidelines (Standard of Jilin Province) and launch law enforcement actions against unfair competitions and abuses of administrative power to eliminate unfavorable competitions. 

3. Adopt the mode “publicity of laws and regulations, education and guidance, warning, administrative punishment, supervision and rectification”, establish and improve the system of exemption list, and issue the list of punishment exemption for minor violations in the field of market supervision (list 2). The principle of “first violation might be exempt from punishment, no-fault liability, and mitigation of penalty below minimum statutory prescript” shall be followed to provide fault-tolerant support and development space for all kinds of market entities, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and newly established enterprises and thus provide guarantee for accelerating the construction of a sound business environment ruled by laws in the whole province.