Projects support Changchun's high-quality economic development

Updated : 2021-03-31Source : JL.Gov
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In 2020, the fixed-asset investment of Changchun increased by 8.8 percent, ranking first among the four cities in Northeast China and fourth among the sub-provincial cities. In the whole year, the city launched 1,112 projects worth more than 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 200, as well as 302 projects worth more than 1 billion yuan, an increase of 52. Project investment went out of an upward growth curve against the trend.

Since the beginning of this year, taking modern metropolitan area construction as the lead, "four regions" construction as the guide and industrial projects as the focus, the city is setting off an upsurge of project construction to add new growth drivers to its high-quality economic development, with the focus of investment attraction, project settlement and service improvement.