Changchun’s “Action Plan for Improving Business Environment” Unveiled

Updated : 2021-02-03Source : CCFAO
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The Action Plan for Improving the Business Environment of Changchun City is formulated on the basis of such regulations and documents as Regulations on Optimizing Business Environment, Division of Key Tasks Deployed at the Video Conference on Deepening the Reform of “Delegating Power, Streamlining Administration and Optimizing Services” for Improving Business Environment. In combination with the basic facts of the city, it is meant to thoroughly implement the important speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at Symposium on Promoting the Revitalization of Northeast China and during his inspection trip to Jilin as well as the decisions and deployments made by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Jilin Province on deepening the reform of “delegating power, streamlining administration and optimizing services” for improving business environment so as to improve the level of construction of the business environment of Changchun City.  

In line with the principle of “marketization, legalization and internationalization”, the action plan is oriented for better meeting the needs of market entities and comprehensively satisfying the public by taking promoting in an in-depth manner the “four key tasks” as handle, and deepening the reform of “delegating power, streamlining administration and optimizing services” as breakthrough point for which priority will be placed on striving to match with the highest level in China and adhering to high-level overall planning, department coordination, market support and participation by all parties so that further explorations can be made in 2-3 years to implement a number of pathbreaking, leading reform initiatives, accumulate replicable and promotable governance experience, strive to create such a business environment that is the best in Northeast China, domestically leading and able to meet the international standard to further stimulate market vitality and social creativity, improve the city’s core competitiveness, and thus promote the high-quality development of economy of Changchun City.  


1. Focus on lifespan and further reduce transaction and operation costs of enterprises 

The degree of convenience for opening an enterprise is an important indicator to measure the business environment of a region. The establishment of an enterprise covers complicated matters, long chains and various procedures. To deepen the reform of “delegating power, streamlining administration and optimizing services”, we shall not only do the best at the “birth” stage of enterprises but also be responsible for the whole “life” of enterprises by providing them “lifespan” services. For improving the competitiveness of such core factors attractive to investors as time to open an enterprise, time and cost to solve commercial disputes and cost of power access, Changchun has further transformed government functions, reduced links and optimized procedures to strive to make breakthroughs in finding solutions to the obstacles in the two key areas of opening business and investment on construction. 

The initiative of joint examination and handling of business license application, seal engraving, application of receipt and tax control equipment, social security registration and account opening and registration for housing provident fund will be implemented in an all-round way to get things completed in one link within 30 minutes. The procedures of account opening at commercial banks will be optimized and time used in this regard will be shortened. The reform of “license separation” will be deeply promoted, and a list-based management system will be established to realize a full coverage of all matters related to the business scope of an enterprise. The mechanism of accepting and handling content shortage, notification and commitment of enterprise registration will be improved. The implementation of intelligent examination and approval, and classified taxation cancellation will be promoted. The cancellation procedures for social security, commerce and customs will be simplified to a large extent.  

The reform of examination and approval for construction projects will be deepened, the “internet plus project examination and approval” be adopted to reduce the number of links related to examination and approval to 4, and shorten the time used for examination and approval to 15 working days. Efforts will be made to explore and implement the notification and commitment system and the lifelong accountability system for designers so as to enhance the control on architecture quality. 

We will further optimize the procedures for power supply, reduce more than 45% of documents, streamline the number of links related to an application of power supply of 10kV submitted by a large and medium-sized enterprise to 3, the time used for application of temporary power consumption to no more than 7 days, and time used for a single equipment access to no more than 19 working days, and that for multiple equipment access to no more than 40 working days. We will optimize the service of power supply, implement certificate-free acceptance, online and App-based processing; promote the “three zeros” (approval, investment and door to door) low-voltage application and installment service for micro and small-sized enterprises; improve in principle the standard of low-voltage access capacity to 160 kW in urban areas and 100 kW in rural areas; strengthen the management of power supply reliability, study and establish the punishment mechanism for power supply interruption, and vigorously promote the operation of “everlasting power supply” to reduce the amount of hours and institutions affected by power cut. We will establish a supporting service mechanism to appropriately reduce the costs of power for enterprises listed for key development. 

We will streamline application and installment procedures and reduce the links related to application and installment to 2; except for design, construction and road digging the application and installation will be handled in time, the time used for new water supply and capacity expansion will be shortened to 2 working days, and that for gas supply to 5 working days. We will optimize application and installment service by making use of WeChat “mini programs”, mobile phone APPs, Alipay, etc.; provide “3 zeros” service (door to door, examination and approval, cost) for application and installment of water supply; provide cost-free service for application and installment of natural gas for which housekeeper-mode featuring door-to-door service, special assistance and whole-process tracking will be adopted to significantly reduce the cost of installation; and rationally lower the price of water and natural gas for the enterprises listed for key development. 

We will push real estate transactions into the hall of government affairs and realize “accepted at one service counter and processed in a parallel manner”. Efforts will be made to realize tax payment and certificate issuance in one link on site for teal estate transfer registration among enterprises, commercial housing transfer registration, and transfer registration of individual stocking housing (transfer of land). We will continue to expand service outlets, shorten service radius, and have registration of real estate mortgage extended to major bank outlets. We will promote the “internet plus real estate” registration, registration of transfer of commercial housing, transfer registration of personal residence dealing, registration of mortgage and registration of mortgage cancellation. We will improve the level of intelligent service and ensure the supply of service around the clock. The quality index of land management in four aspects, that is, infrastructure reliability, information transparency, geographical coverage and land dispute resolution will be improved in an all-round way.  

The number of tax declaration and payment will be reduced to 6 times a year, the time for tax handling will be reduced to less than 90 hours a year, and the time for VAT refund will be reduced to less than 5 working days. We will renovate taxation mode, expand the functions of e-bureau for tax affairs, speed up the popularization and application of e-receipt, and promote the digitalization of VAT receipt, comprehensively optimize the VAT reimbursement process, promote the optimization of the correction and auditing of corporate income tax misstatement, strictly implement the national tax and fee reduction policies, effectively reduce enterprises’ tax and fee burdens, adjust in a reasonable way the payment base and proportion of social security, medical insurance and provident fund, and clean up and crack down upon illegal charges and conducts by the third party of retaining reduced taxes and fees as dividends. 

We will streamline import and export examination and approval items in accordance with law, cancel unnecessary regulatory requirements, optimize and simplify customs clearance, improve customs clearance efficiency, clean up and standardize port charges, and thus reduce import and export costs. The time of examination and approval by customs for import and export documents will be shortened to 1 working day for which no fee will be charged. The connection of “single service counters” for international trade with such institutions as banking, insurance, civil aviation, railway and port will be pushed forward. The application rate of main declaration businesses will reach 100%. 

In accordance with law, the regulatory documents needed for imports and exports will be simplified, and the promotion for the mode of customs clearance “declaration in advance” and “two-step declaration” for imports and exports and paperless customs clearance will be accelerated. We will also reduce enterprises’ logistic costs, provide a clear list of port charges, and crack down upon disorderly and unreasonable charging behaviors of logistic yards, freight forwarders and shipping agents. 

The time of debt recovery in bankruptcy cases will be shortened, the cost of debt recovery be lowered, and the recovery rate of creditors be increased to 31%. Fast examination and competition will be adopted for easy cases, and the average time limit for ordinary cases will be controlled within one year. The management of debtors’ assets will be strengthened, and the participation of creditors will be ensured in accordance with law. We will promote the establishment of a coordination mechanism for corporate bankruptcy, promote in a coordinated way business coordination and information sharing in bankruptcy proceeding, and push courts at all levels to set up professional teams for bankruptcy adjudication to standardize bankruptcy handling, improve the success rate of bankruptcy for reorganization. The causes, difficult and complicated, will be upgraded to and handled by the intermediate courts. The e-delivery of court summons and evidence materials will be implemented and efforts will be made to explore for the establishment of a delivery address database for enterprises. 


2. Focus on enhancing the attractiveness of urban investment and further create a fair, justice market environment 

The competition of business environment is not just in a region but even on an international scale. It constitutes an important indicator of international competitiveness and an “guide for investments” to enter the city. In the future, we will put more into service, reliability and environment optimization to ensure lasting attractiveness for investors. 

To be fair and justice is the inherent requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is also something to do with the righteousness of socialist market economy. Changchun is now in the process of a new round of industrial revolution in which new technologies, new business formats and new modes are booming and changing with each passing day. Under such circumstance, Changchun will continue to promote the legalization of supervision, reform the way of supervision, and supervise in a magnanimous, prudent way to push enterprises to participate in international competition.  

We will accelerate the construction of a policy system to promote financial development, revise the Interim Measures for the Management of Special Funds for the Development of Financial Business, explore the establishment of a loan risk compensation mechanism for micro and small-sized enterprises, and guide banking institutions to increase credit supplies for micro and small-sized enterprises. We will improve the credit system, cultivate high-quality enterprise credit agencies, improve the depth and coverage of credit information. We will strengthen the support of financing policies and encourage innovations in financing products and methods. We will further promote the model of loan renewal allowed with zero loan payment for micro and small-sized enterprises and strive to make its size increase year by year so as to reduce the comprehensive cost of credit financing for micro and small-sized enterprises. The scope of the pilot project “internet plus real estate mortgage loan” will be expanded to realize a seamless connection of capital utilization. We will bring into play the supporting role of risk mitigation funds for key enterprises and reduce enterprises’ refinancing costs. We will promote the construction of a multi-level capital market, issue the Action Plan for Facilitating Enterprises Going Public and Getting Listed (2020-2025), and support qualified private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to issue stocks and bonds in accordance with the law to expand the scale of direct financing. We should encourage banking institutions to develop smart financial business and improve the efficiency of loan issuance and the convenience of service, strengthen the application of the comprehensive financial service platform, speed up the process of government data compiling and sharing, and build an information service system with government, bank and enterprise data sharing at its core. 

The protection mechanism for the rights and interests of small and medium-sized investors will be improved, and protective measures will be taken in accordance with law. The People’s Court shall make a ruling within 5 days after accepting an application, within 48 hours for an urgent case, and take protective measures immediately after such ruling is made. We will make active efforts to explore the establishment of a working mechanism of “demonstration-based judgment plus mass mediation” for disputes over securities false statement. We shall protect the legal rights and interests of commercial entities and entrepreneurs, protect the rights to know and participate of small and medium-sized investors, make it more convenient for small and medium-sized investors to protect their rights, and ensure that the rights of producing proof and cross examination of commercial entities can be protected in accordance with law. 

The time of solving a commercial dispute will be shortened to less than 180 days, and the cost of solving a commercial dispute will be lowered to no more than 15% of the total claimed amount. We will optimize the trial of commercial cases, reform the trial mode of commercial cases, adopt an integrated model of handling civil and commercial related cases, reduce the trial cycle of a case, and increase the proportion of judgments in court. We will standardize case acceptance fees. If the parties involved have agreed to withdraw a case before the arbitration panel, all acceptance fees shall be returned; and if the parties involved in a case appliable to summary proceedings or mediations or withdrawals, the acceptance fees shall be reduced by half. 

We will carry out special activities of different forms to usher in talents at different levels, implement employment subsidy and entrepreneurship support incentives, integrate entrepreneurial resources and optimize entrepreneurial service mode. Relying on the platforms for entrepreneurship and innovation training, we will promote the settlement of high-quality entrepreneurial projects in Changchun City. We will set up the “internet plus employment and entrepreneurship” service platform to improve the quality and efficiency of public employment services. We will establish a policy circulating system, provide targeted assistance to the public with difficulties in employment, and guide the graduates of higher learning institutions to get employed or start business. We will standardize the management of labor contract-based employment, make innovations in supervising law enforcement of human resources and social security, and implement the four systems of labor and social security supervision and the first violation warning system. 

We will improve the construction of an official e-procurement platform, standardize the process and procedures of procurement, receive and audit in time the reports submitted by government procurement suppliers to the platform. The whole process of bidding is digitalized, and the whole-process model of government procurement will be optimized. We will strengthen the supervision of government procurement credit, enhance all-procedure management and whole-process supervision of government procurement, and standardize management of government procurement agencies. We will establish an open mechanism for government procurement contracts, strengthen contract management, payment and delivery management, and establish and improve a query and complaint mechanism for government procurement, rectify misconducts, investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in accordance with law. 

We promote the “internet plus” bidding and tendering, establish a unified and standardized service platform for trading of public resources, push forward the whole-process digitalization of bidding and tendering, optimize the mechanism of management on biding deposits and reduce the transaction costs of bidding and tendering. In line with an open, transparent, fair and justice principle, we will treat all market entities equally in accordance with law, establish a fair and effective complaint handling mechanism and standardize the process of administrative supervisions on accepting complaints, strengthen credit supervision on bidding and tendering, carry out in-depth special rectifications in the field of tendering and bidding, continue to clean up such restrictions and barriers in regulations, administrative normative documents and other policies and measures of governments at all levels and competent departments that are unreasonable for bidding by private and foreign-funded enterprises, rectify, investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations in accordance with law. 


3. Focus on improving supervision and service to further raise enterprises’ sense of obtain and degree of satisfaction  

The driving force of socioeconomic development comes from the vitality of market entities and the creativity of society, which to a large extent depends on business environment the advantages and disadvantages of which decides the rise and fall of market entities, the gathering and dispersion of production factors, and the strength of development power. Changchun will focus on improving supervision and service, optimizing business environment, and continuing to relieve pressures and pave the way of development for market entities, which, fundamentally speaking, is to unleash and develop productive forces. 

Relying on the integrated support platform, Changchun will implement with care in a substantial manner the ten reform initiatives of “zero rush back and forth for having applications handled, zero submission of materials, zero input in form filling, zero labor for examination and approval, zero cost for door-to-door certificate delivery, zero paper for archives, zero waiting for having applications handled, zero obstacle in communication, zero distance for policy understanding and zero risk for operation”. 

——Promote process renovation to realize “zero rush back and forth for having application handled”. From the perspective of making it easy for enterprises and the masses to have “a matter handled at a time”, we will review once again relevant government service matters and renovate the process of application conditions, declaration methods, acceptance modes, audit procedures, certificate issuing methods, and management structure, reinforce integration and concatenation, system integration, data sharing and business collaboration, and realize one-time notification, one-form filling, one-network transaction and one-stop processing so as to promote the transformation from “rush back and forth once at most” to “ zero rush back and forth for having applications handled”. 

——Promote data sharing and realize “zero submission of materials”. We will comprehensively promote the application of e-licenses, e-seals, e-signatures and e-archives, create a safe and reliable application mode of e-licenses with clear rights and responsibilities, and make a compilation completed with no less than 150 types of e-licenses. The compilations of data by third-party organizations into the database of e-licenses will be encouraged, the socialized applications of e-licenses will be will be promoted. We will promote reuse of e-materials, and realize data sharing and “zero submissions of materials” for some high-frequency items. 

——Optimize transaction experience and realize “zero input for form filling”. We will promote the iterative upgrading of government service network and“” App, and strengthen the applications of such technologies as AI, semantic recognition, intelligent voice, code scanning input and historical data reading to realize automatic filed reuse, intelligent voice input, and automatic form generation.