Changchun Weekly Report on COVID--19

Updated : 2020-03-04Source : CCFAO
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 Tendency Chart 

Confirmed Cases of NCP in Changchun 


By the end of 24:00 on March 3, Changchun has accumulated 41 confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus, 37 cases are cured and discharged from hospital, and another 4 cases are isolated and treated in hospital.
At the peak of resumption of work recently when people mobility is increasing, people should avoid going to crowded public areas and conduct personal protection such as washing hands, wearing facial masks, reducing outdoor activities and avoiding getting together in order to keep themselves and family healthy. 
If you are coming back from the provinces where epidemic is prevalent, or having close contact with confirmed cases living in the same community, you should go to the local community for screening and registration, conduct medical inspection according to professionals, and go to fever clinic of designated medical institution once you have developed acute respiratory symptoms such as fever and coughing.