Highlights of Changchun Foreign Affairs in 2018 for the Improvement of International Reputation of Spring City of Northeast China

Updated : 2019-01-24Source : CCFAO
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In 2018, Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO) carried out unswervingly Xi Jinping’s Thought on Diplomacy for a New Era, adhered to the principle of the party’s administration on foreign affairs, insisted on being responsible for the overall diplomacy of the country and the party, took serving Changchun’s socioeconomic development as the foundation, relied on deepening reform as the motive force, organized large-scale international activities as the carrier, and integrated into the “Belt and Road” Initiative and the construction of a central city in the region of Northeast Asia, thereby having made new achievements and breakthroughs in the work designed for the whole year.

Firstly, international exchanges are expanded. The activity of “Trips for Foreign Envoys to Changchun City” was organized successfully during which 12 foreign ambassadors to China, 11 mayors and deputy mayors of international friendship cities were hosted throughout the year. A new channel for exchanges with foreign countries has therefore been opened. For the first time, Changchun has been elected as a member of the Asia-Pacific Council of the UCLG. The Friendship City Agreement was signed with Newly and Kumasi respectively, which filled the gap of friendship cities of Changchun City in Northern Ireland and Ghana.

Secondly, foreign exchange resources are used to promote economic and trade cooperation. For the whole year, 16 multi-level, wide-range and large-scale economic, trade, cultural or sports activities, and 3 at national or provincial level are organized, which in turn has strongly supported and promoted the socioeconomic development of Changchun City.

Thirdly, the concept of “foreign affairs for the people” is implemented and high-quality services are provided. The key points of management on going abroad on business are highlighted, and the services for development are prioritized, which has met the demands of key investment attractions, key projects and important exchanges with foreign countries. The APEC Business Travel Cards are applied by 511 people from 223 enterprises, and more than 35,000 consular certifications are handled, which has promoted the local enterprises and citizens to “go out” and participate in international competitions.

Fourthly, the model “foreign affairs plus” is consolidated to improve the ability of providing services for foreign affairs. The resources of foreign affairs are fully utilized for the promotion of investment attraction. In addition, active efforts are put into getting involved in the “Belt and Road” Initiative and setting up channels and platforms for the local enterprises to “go out” to seek cooperation and meanwhile propel the “Made in Changchun” to enter the markets in European and the US.

Fifthly, publicity is strengthened to make Changchun more influential on an international scale. More than 400 activities related to foreign affairs are reported through the media at home and abroad. The Website of Foreign Languages is fully utilized to publicize Changchun City by means of opening consular general column, enterprise promotion column and key investment attraction column. A total of 1,459 pieces of information on investment attractions, conventions and exhibitions were released in five languages on different platforms. The communication mechanism is maintained smoothly with Russian State Television Far East Branch and Korean News Weekly Network. In collaboration with the embassy abroad, the documentary “China in Cohen’s Eyes” was launched in Latvia as an effort to tell the good stories about China and spread the voice of Changchun City.

In 2019, the foreign affairs of Changchun City will be guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Thought on Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the important speeches General Secretary Xi Jinping made during his inspection trip to Northeast China to promote opening up from an all-round way and actively get involved in “Belt and Road” Initiative. The local cooperation projects set by the leaders of China and Russia will be implemented and taken as an opportunity to promote the cooperation and exchanges with neighboring countries and comprehensively build a central city in the region of Northeast Asia.